Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am not making this up.

Update on the math exam...

I called the school and spoke to the head of studies. Whatever. The man can talk and talk...seemingly forgetting that people have to go to work in the morning.

I didn't leave reassured. There is a fair chance that Eldest may get three different teachers next term reverse the sub gets better and returns, and then the incomprehensible one from Lleida returns....I think they are defending the rights of the teachers over the rights of the kids. The sub with the broken leg is a SUB, why should he have the right to come back. Then again, listen to what happened today. Maybe they want him back.

Seems that Eldest was supposed to have the full hour for the test - whether because I phoned or not, I don't know....recess and then the first half hour of the subsequent class; but get this, the five kids showed up to do the test, and the teacher didn't. They went to the office to have him paged...didn't respond. They went to the teacher's lounge, wasn't there. Finally another teacher started to get them in trouble for being in the hallways during recess, they explained, and he said the test will be Friday.


The good side is that we have till Friday.

Can you imagine? The term professionalism doesn't exactly spring to mind.

On a less totally bizarre note...I managed to use subjuntives SPONTANEOUSLY twice yesterday!!!!!



Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC - so happy to hear that the subjunctive is sliding into place!!!
So sorry to hear about the problems with maths and the subsequent chaos. Hope Eldest comes out on top, nevertheless. GM

oreneta said...

Yeah, I was pretty excited myself honestly. It is starting to sink in more. A good feeling honestly.

elpadawan said...

chaotic seems more appropriate. But it's true, look on the bright side, you *do* have until Friday.