Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahhh, that's better...and painting youngest's room.

I will have to admit, that as of yet, I am still pretty bad at making a truita de patates; something I am determined to master.

That said, I make a kick *ss bannok.


Breakfast yum!

That with the homemade cream cheese from the not so successful yogurt attempt....


Fuel for painting Youngest's room!

There were a few glitches. Seems when you buy a can of paint here in Spain it always comes only 2/3 full. Sounds like a bit of a marketing scam to me; whatever.

It also comes in a viscosity approaching jello pudding.

The gallon can I thought would do the entire room was shaping up to covering one wall.

A quick trip to the local paint store, two cups of water and a lot of elbow grease later, and it covered it all, with not a drop to spare. (3 liters + 2 cups = Youngest's bedroom) Now maybe I will find that note when I want to paint it again!

Some things are kind of suck-y living somewhere else, like stupid glitches like these. I also have a kind of love-hate relationship with a very large big box home reno store, but let me tell you, there is something to be said for everything in one place, open 24/7. If we didn't have it by 1pm on Saturday morning, we were waiting till Monday at 10 to get it, or maybe Tuesday.

Good thing that paint stretched.

Youngest designed and cut out the clouds from newspaper and we painted away. Some touch up with my painting paints, but I don't think it will need a second coat.

Plus Eldest and I seem to have found common ground on a potential paint colour for her room, I vetoed the proposed black then the grey and now she has come to a muted light blue. Still have to scrabble over the actual paint chips, but we have a name we can both live with anyway.

Sleep in, some decent food, job accomplished, a walk in the hills with the entire family, didn't meet the nasty dog and tonight is movie night.

Much better day.


elpadawan said...

Black... as in gloomy gothic light-absorbing black? That's a bit... depressing.

Travis Erwin said...

Nice clouds. Much better than the ones I painted in my son's room recently.

Beth said...

Love the clouds. Is the eldest going to paint some “extras” on her walls?

And that bannock bread looks delicious. Do you fry or bake it?

Glad you had a better day!

oreneta said...

ElP. Exactly. That is why I vetoed it. Oh to be a teen. Then they wonder why they are depressed.

Travis! Hi, thanks for dropping by! If you buy some white artist quality acrylic paints you can touch up just about anything. I had fixed up the spots where my roller got a little muddled.

Beth, Eldest is planning to paint random-ish patterns on the wall herself in (approved) colours. She should be able to do a nice job, we'll wait for the muted blue to cure and then she can wipe it off with a rag if she has too.

The bannock is sort of stove top baked, but we like the crunchy top so I tend to put in a bunch of oil, and then leave it on low tightly covered till it seems like time to turn it, then I flip it and leave it (very) loosely covered till it smells cooked. I could be more exact if you are actually going to cook it, but I am not sure if you will or not.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Painting rooms is so satisfying. It's tons of work but if you really put your shoulder to the wheel, it can go quickly, and then you look at the whole place differently. Sounds like you guys are going to stay for awhile...

Carla said...

Your breakfast looks most yummy! Is it hard to make?

Also like the job you did on the room painting. Well done!

Only 10 days till I leave for my boat trip! I can't wait! I hear the call of the waves....

kate said...

I'm also curious about the bannock. What's in it? I remember when I was in high school reading a Seamus Heaney poem (I'm pretty sure it was his) that had the words "bammock cake" in it and I loved the sound of it, but didn't know what it was...

Beth said...

Hey there, fellow home decorating marvel! You did so much while I was gone for a week!
The room is looking great. So soothing.

My eldest wanted something dramatic in her room, too. All black, for example. Luckily, she compromised and she ended up with dark plum on two walls and a black on white wallpaper on the other two. Sounds crazy, but it works.

Hope Chuck is feeling better. What an experience he had, poor guy (and poor family!)

oreneta said...

Bodhi, painting isn't something I normally hate doing. It is cheap, as far as home reno goes and makes a big difference. Lots of bang to the buck and not too much can go wrong. Though Burkina Beth may disagree with that.

Carla, I'll post the recipe when I get to it...and remember. JEALOUS about the call of the waves. I follow fellow cruiser's blogs, it kind of makes my heart hurt sometimes.

BETH!!! HOW WAS PARIS!!! I'lls top yelling now. We did indeed have a busy and somewhat chaotic week, but life is good, as usual.

Beth said...

I checked on-line for recipes and saw some that said it was fried. I like the sound of stove-top baked with just a bit of oil. Thanks!