Thursday, April 9, 2009

Link-y links

I had a whole big far bunch of fun suuuurrrrfffin' the net....and here's some of what I found that was particularly good, and that I thought might be of interest to you as well....

Here goes:

These folks are amazing and funny and make people happy! Is it performance art? Theater? I don't know. Fabulous? Yes. Most of it. Improve Everywhere

A huge amount of free fabulous culture. If you learn all of this, you will be brilliant! Open Culture

An amazing tour of the Rothko exhibit in London...virtual tour, podcasts, interviews....

A virtual tour of ancient Rome, brought to us by Google Earth!

A HUGE source for art on line and art info! It's Artbabble! is streaming those old Spiderman cartoons from Saturday morning TV, one a week!

A web site of the world's most interesting bookstores! Another life list for you J.G.

I have no idea about the political leanings of this newspaper, but this article is BRILLIANT. Seems some of our oh so brilliant economists and political leaders want to cut the arts programs and mention that they need to defend their reasons for existing. I let the article respond, and voice my anger. is a short short taste...What authority, really, should the standpoint of finance any longer have for American (any) society? Who gives a damn what Kenneth D. Lewis thinks about anything? The president is right: we must work with plutocrats whom we despise; but surely not with their values.

We went and saw this exibit from the Brazilian artist Cilbo Meireles today at MACBA, it has been at the Tate as well, and I am giving that link, it being in better written English. The write ups at MACBA are so ponderous. Like the writing of a fourth year brown-noser. Showing off all the big fancy words they know, but written so opaquely that no one else could possibly scent out meaning from the bullsh*t. My favourite part was walking on the broken glass.

Then there is this Brazillian artist, Hélio Oiticica, who I just found, and just love. Too bad he's dead.

Tomorrow, maybe I will post some photos of the some of the paintings I have been blasting away on...there are enough of them, and I think I'll be writing some post cards, I have enough cards anyway.


Beth said...

More links?! I have so many of my own! And I keep finding more...
But these look good - will probably keep me up 'til the wee hours.

Beth said...

dang Rocky...that's alot of links!!!

bring on the paintings!!!!

hulagirlatheart said...

You have been a busy gal on the web! I look forward to surfing these...when I finish all of this laundry that awaits me.

oreneta said...

WOW guys! Am I the only one excited about the Spiderman cartoons??????

Beth, I know, so much internet, so little time....

Beth, paintings coming up...and I sent you a link in the comments on your last and cancer-free post!!!