Monday, April 27, 2009

Diggggggging around for creativity under the daily dross.

I went to an exhibit of photographs from some of the factories that used to fill this town. Sounds like it would be dreary, but no.

They are modern photos, well done and nicely mounted. They are photos of the insides of the buildings here in our town, and it is fun for a number of reasons. First it is simply neat to see. Then there is the element of hide and seek/sleuthing as you try to figure out which building these are. Then there is the beauty of the buildings themselves and the photos. It is also shocking how much space is simply sitting abandoned in this town, and with the cost of housing it is astonishing.

One of the factories had, as a floor, a massive mosaic of all manor of different tiles.

It is, simply, stunning.

I should try and get in there to take a photo. Wonder how I would swing that.

A photo of the photo of the floor is just not the same thing.

*note to self*

Re-remind myself to capture some of the beauty around us.

I should go into my workplace with the camera and just scrungle around.

Do you think I could ask Jesus if I could take pictures when he teaches me to make truita????

Think I will have to.

Must open my eyes again.


Beth said...

I don't post many pictures that I take with my camera (they're not that good) but I do find that I "see" the world differently when looking through a lens. Not only does the camera focus, I do!

Would love to see a picture of Jesus teaching you how to make truita....

J.G. said...

Oh, yeah. I would pay money for photos of Jesus giving a cooking lesson! (Sorry, I just can't resist.)

Old buildings have such wonderful details. Even the functional parts display such craftsmanship. Who builds like that anymore? When I visit I'm all "Oooh, look at the great doorknob."

Hope you can get in to photograph the mosaic floor!

kate said...

Definitely take photos of the cooking lesson and the floor, if you can!

Boo and Trev said...

Do you know the name Jesus never stops amusing me. I was most pleased to see that Madonna is going out with somebody called Jesus!