Friday, April 17, 2009

Deeply frustrating day.

Glad it's done.

I was supposed to meet up with Mmichele who is travelling around with her family, and they are Canadian's from Winnepeg. I got totally way-laid at work, and couldn't make it in, and couldn't call them. I had to sit at work, knowing I was standing them up, knowing they were sitting there, wondering where the heck I was, and she was with her kids and husband too. I feel like such a terrible heel, and they probably think I am some weird psycho blogger.


Then there were some/a lot of interpersonal issues at work I just didn't want to deal with, but had to. Sometimes I get tired of people. Don't you?

Ruined dinner, and it rained during Youngest's basketball practice, the only time it rained all day was when they were supposed to be outside playing. We had to wait around for an hour to get a court, and then we only had it for fourty-five minutes.

Mostly, I didn't get to see Mmichele, and I feel so terrible that they had to wait around for me rather than doing something they would have wanted to do. I feel like such a total jerk.

I am so sorry Mmichele, and Rob and Joey and Micah. I so wanted to meet you all.


Maybe tomorrow will be better a better day. I don't get to meet up with them though, they are off. If we had a car I could cruise out to Girona and see them tonight, but I don't, so I can't. Crapola.

Hope your day went better.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Blech. That's a day to forget, isn't it? Sounds like you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paperbag today. And yeah, I do get tired of people too. I love that saying, "the more I get to know people, the more I love my dogs". So true. Give me a four-legged friend any day.

She said...

Bummer! Sorry that happened. Not much worse than feeling like you can't get to where you WANT to be! I'm sure your friend will understand. It happens to the best of us! ;-0

A new day tomorrow. LOVE.

elpadawan said...

you couldn't even send them a text message? Surely you'll find a way to contact them, apologize, and give a good explanation...

Mar said...

Oh, no! what a terrible feeling.
Your weekend can only get better!

J.G. said...

Sorry to hear your day went all sideways on you. How disappointing!

Beth said...

“Poop.” ??? Such strong language!
Regret, okay - but no guilt. And anyone who reads your blog knows you aren’t a weird psycho.
Hope you’re having a better day today!

oreneta said...

Bodhi. It wasn't a fun one. I ended up feeling so defeated.

She, thank you. I hope they do, I had never met them in real was so frustrating and disappointing. Ah well. These things do happen to us all.

ElP. They don't have a cell, or I don't have the number, and I would have had to open my e-mail (takes 10 min on the computers at work) find the hotel, find the link, call the hotel and hope they were there....I had to be in class too fast for all that. I left them an e-mail and an apology on their blog. Still feel like crap though.

Mar, thankfully it did!!!

JG, nicely put, went all sideways!

Beth, it was feeling much more than poop, I will grant, and thank you. Want to get together again this summer???? We didn't pull it together last year, but it would be nice.

Beth said...

Would love to get together again this summer. Email me when you're in town and we'll set a date.

(How did we blow it last summer???)

oreneta said...

Beth, I don't really know, we ust never managed to get together. Whatever. Let's pull it off this year. With a cell number so I can text if there is a problem, m'kay?

mmichele said...

Well you win some and you lose some... I am sorry that we didn't even get a second chance, but it was a beautiful day to sit on a bench and look at women, wondering if they were bloggers...

Beth said...

Done deal - 'cause now I have a cell phone!

oreneta said...

mmichele. Maybe some other time, some other city.

Beth, excellent, me too so we cannot mess it up like happened with Mmichele and me.