Thursday, April 23, 2009

Books totally RULE

I had a dreary-ish post all typed up at lunch time, so I could go to bed early. I was very tired then; but in one of those oh-so-typical ways, I am not particularly tired now at all. Quite content in fact.

Probably helped that all four of my back-to-back hour and a half classes went really well.

That is cheering.

Plus the man made a splendid dinner.

Plus, although I am surrounded by death at the moment I am so not focusing on it, instead I am going to sing out the praises of some fellow bloggers who are doing some cool stuff.

First, Beth just finished a short story and sent it out to try to get it published! YEAH BETH!!!

Plus, JG has a mind-numbing 99 law journal submissions out hoping for publication.

And there is Carla who won a big fat award for some quilting she has done.

Off the top of my head those are some folks that are getting out there with their creativity!


Continuing the theme, one of my students is going to be a grandfather soon and is drooling with happiness over it, which I find incredibly sweet. You should see his smile when he talks of it.

One of my classes I divided into two groups and had them make a movie. Can I just say right here and now that cell phones may be one of the most powerful tool we have for teaching language...those suckers can do a LOT. The kids made two movies, one reasonable and one really pretty good. When I figure out how to get it off my phone, I'll post it. They bluetoothed it to me, waycool technology.

Today is Sant Jordi's, the patron saint of Catalunya. The tradition is to give a book and a flower. One of the booths set up in the placa was doing a book trader, so I took that horrific Nino Ricci down, and the other one I had by the same author, who is now on my never to be read pile, and traded them in for some Catalan classics for the man.

Happy Sant Jordi's day darling!

It was actually this tradition that started the International Book Day, which is indeed TODAY, so go read a book ladies and gents.

Let me know what else you have been accomplishing that is good/great/marvelous/creative/positive. I'd love to hear it.

Chin up all,

We simply are not allowed to be cranky on International Book Day




C.S. said...

How is one supposed to celebrate IBD? Read a translation or something?

Beth said...

There’s always good to be found, seen, discovered, etc. despite – or in spite of - the bad and the sad.
Thanks for the shout-out!
(And I think perhaps your own creativity played a part in inspiring mine.)


TeacherMommy said...

I have been blogging like a madwoman, that's what I've been doing! Not to mention getting peoples hooked on reading AND WRITING blogs. I am a mighty vendor of the blogging addiction!

Oh, and not sleeping. That too.

TeacherMommy said...

By the way, books ARE totally awesome. I thought everyone knew that.

Beth said...

Without books, I would curl up and die.
Thanks for telling us all about this great, well-deserved celebration of books!

What am I doing lately that is of note? I am gardening! After nine years of gardening moratoreum in Burkina, I am going at it with enthusiasm. Lilac bushes, marigolds, petunias, lavender... and lots and lots of geraniums. Expect pics on my blog soon.
I LOVE spring.
But mostly I love books.
Wait...what about BOOKS about SPRING?
That must be the BEST!

Glad you are feeling good again, Rocky!

J.G. said...

No credit due for the 99 submissions. They are done electronically, so it's not that bad. But a whole lot of writing and revising preceded all those chances for rejection, so I'll take credit for that. Thank you!

And St. Jordi's Day? Celebrated with books for men and flowers for women? I can overlook the latent sexism. That's a holiday I can really relate to!

Books rule! (Okay, who's going to borrow that for a blog title?)

elpadawan said...

Maybe I'll finish "Too loud a solitud" by Hrabal today, then ;)

Carla said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm reading several books at once right now. One of them is an experiment- I downloaded a book from Amazon, and also downloaded the kindle app for my iphone. So now I am reading my first book on the cell phone.

This will come in handy for my boat trip in May... my suitcase will be lighter.

Hang in there!

oreneta said...

CS,buy a book, read a book, give a book, love a book????

Beth, if in some minor way I inspired you...YEAH!!!! There is always good, we just have to remind ourselves of that upon occasion.

Teachermommy, blogging is such a good creative outlet. I like it.

Beth....mmmmm gardening, I used to do a lot of that, and quite enjoyed it to. I have read some great books about Spring...we should start a list...

JG, I will admit that the sexism there kind of bites, but lots of women get books too...the man usually gets me both. Sweety.

ElP, sounds good, then you can tell us about it!

Carla, how is it reading on the iphone? I have a friend here who has a Sony book reader that she ADORES. She reads in five languages so it is particularly useful for her.