Sunday, April 12, 2009

Painting. Hope the topic isn't driving you MAD. Plus an adventure.

I managed a little work on the red painting today, I straightened her face up a bit, and I am happier with it, though not satisfied...did a little more work on two other pieces, then got really frustrated by all the interruptions and quit. Then I yelled. Then I sulked.

Later I did some water colours with the girls which was lovely fun, and I worked some things out. The water colours work much better with the kids, and I am happier doing that with doesn't dry so fast, I don't have the pressure to keep going quickly, so the interruptions don't frustrate me so much. Also I feel a little more like I am doodling and a little less like I am trying to accomplish something. I don't know why, but they are more relaxed.


It is the speed. The brushes don't get damaged if you put them down for a minute, the paint doesn't seal up hard on the palette, and on the painting.

It is a more relaxing medium. Demanding in it's irreversability, but more relaxing. I can do it while I am chatting. Not with the acrylics.

It would be so so so terribly nice to have a space and some time I could dedicate.



poor old Chuckilicious had a rough day today....he got attacked by another dog fairly badly. He's OK, he's got a cut on one leg, and a shallow cut on his side, and he is missing a WHOLE bunch of fur from that spot.

This happens here sometimes, they like big dogs, and don't like fixing them. This one though....get this.

He's half pit bull, and half lab. That makes him a bi-polar really freaking big pit bull.

Sometimes, meh, he's OK, sometimes though. so not OK. We've met him loose fairly often. He is always intimidating, I have always had to hit him or kick him to control him, but in the past, I have always been able to control him. Not this time.

The other big problem is (can you hear this coming?) the owner (surprise!!!) who lets him wander the village from time to time, who lets him escape and who cannot/will not control him.

Yet again I found myself in the middle of a dog fight. He had Chuck on his back on the ground and was all over him...I was whipping the other dog's head, literally whipping him, with the heavy duty metal fitting we fitted onto Chuck's leash for this reason, and kicking him repeatedly in the head/face, and he was not going away. You should have heard the girls screaming and crying. OMG.

The owner appeared and eventually took the leash off me to beat him herself, and a bunch of gypsies who are squatting in a house nearby came out. I think it was the large number of shouting men that got him to back off more than anything else. With the noise the kids were making, they probably figured he was attacking a kid.

Son of a b*tch.

I was, honestly, scared.

Chuck has been in dog fights before, but never like this. I have broken up dog fights before, but never like this. That dog totally was not listening.

I went back and spoke to the owner about it.

For what that was worth. *phhhhh*

That dog needs to be controlled.

all. the. time.

She assured me he would never be left loose again (believe that when I see it)

A little too much excitement for a weekend, no?

If it happens again, I am going to formally report her.

Too much.


Beth said...

Dog fights – terrified of them. I’ll get in there and do what I can to stop it (which is not always advisable) but you should hear me scream! Apparently spraying the dogs with water helps but can’t imagine you have enough water to do that on your walks.
Major was in two fights his entire life – with the same dog (an ex-police dog - German Shepherd). Once when the Shepherd came on our property (growling) and once when he saw the Shepherd attacking a puppy at the park. Major won.

Hope Chuck is okay.

(And I think it’s wonderful that you spend quality painting time with your girls.)

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Hmmm...I'd love to try my hand at watercolors, although with NO artistic background whatsoever I am tempted to just stay on the sidelines.

sirdar said...

We have a dog that like to protect its property. She can go anywhere and submit and everything is fine. When a dog comes in our better submit or it will be attacked. We have to tie her up and keep her in a pen. She is a very gentle dog with fact a bit too gentle....but she protects her yard without prejudice.

Glad Chuck is going to be OK.

Helen said...

Really scary - a dog without control like that should just be put down. Horrible thing to experience.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have for waiting til next time before formally reporting this incident and the vicious dog?
What if he attacks a child the next time and the owner claims the animal has never misbehaved?
Kind of reminds me of battered wives who never file a complaint til its too late.(i.e. in Ontario family court judges nix attempts to use unreported but witnessed incidents!!!)
Wasn't being scared this time incentive enough?GM

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Never had to wade into a serios dogfight luckily but always found them terribly scary and horrible - the sound is one of the worst bits too - poor Chuckers - is he ok mentally as well? Or traumatised? J-VLF

oreneta said...

Beth, I actually had a water bottle with me, and aside from bashing him on the head with it, I completely forgot to open it and spray him with it...duh. Things happen fast.

It was lovely painting with the girls.

Doug! GO for it. The first ones may well be terrible, have no fear and keep going. I got a great book...
The Complete Watercolour Artist, by Sally Harper, ISBN X70292 that gave me a look into some basic techniques. Don't spend too much money. A good thin brush with a nice point and a fatter one and a really fat one, plus some half way decent paper, though it can be fun to try things out on scrap paper, it behaves very differently on real paper. Get tube watercolours, it is easier to work with and you only need a couple of colours. I mix on a plate, it is just easier. A cookie dish works well too, and I use the chopped off bottom of a large plastic jug to hold the water. It is fun. And what the heck, it's just a painting, if it's terrible, light a fire with it and try again. Or chop it up and use it for cards.
Honestly go for it!

Sirdar, we were in the street. A fair way from his property.

Helen. I completely agree. I would be quite happy if he dog were put down. Quite happy.

GM, I have thought of it.

J-VLF, mix that noise with the shrill screaming of the two girls and it was quite something. Plus me and the other woman bellowing.


One of my doggie buddies noted that Chuck looked sad today. He has looked a bit like he's had the wind knocked out of his sails...we have all also gone off to work and school today too. Frankly, I think he has been through worse before we got him. Not fun though. I suspect he was a bit sore and achy this morning, I would have been after what he went through. They never show it though. Welcome to sunny Spain, I have had to wade into dog fights more often that I can keep track of now. Fun wow. Normally a bit of bellowing and you swing the leash around above them a couple of times and it is all over. Not this time. Yuck.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh, artists can be so temperamental. Of the last paintings you posted, I really liked the first white one - for a piece with so much white on the surface, it still had a lot of depth. And I would be curious to see what you did to the red one - can you post an updated picture?

oreneta said...

Bodhi, coming up!

Beth said...

oh I hope chuck is ok!!!!!

She said...

I think if I were Chuck and I'd been in a fight, I'd look pretty sad too! Poor Guy!

I love that you paint with your girls! How COOL is that! One thing that you've brought back to my mind is that when I was a little girl, my grandmother always had an easel out in her living room where she was working on a painting. It was so cool to watch her work, but she never painted with us. That would have been way cool-er! She also wrote poetry and I think I got my love of writing from her!

oreneta said...

Beth...squirrely and sore, but OK

She...getting in a fight isn't fun for anyone.

My Grandma was a big time painter, and I NEVER saw her paint, nor did my Mom. That said, as a Mom, trying to achieve anything you really care about with kids around is half-way to impossible. The interruptions are astonishing and lead me, eventually, to hefty grumpiness....My Grandpa was the writer, historical stuff. Here I am writing at least a little bit, every day.