Monday, April 6, 2009

Enough about painting already, no?

Though that is basically all I did today, it is time to broaden the perspective just a little bit...

Can I just add that I officially live in a small town? OMG, never done that before, but a friend of a friend, who is also a friend of mine is now dating my Catalan teacher, and they all had dinner together at my friend's house, he used to want to go out with my friend and also went out with another co-worker, and now the ex-girlfriend and the current girlfriend and the girl he wanted to date all work together, with me....and one of the other students in the class knows the friend of a friend and is also a student of is all so convoluted. No wonder people think that small towns are like this. They are. Did you understand all that? I only barely did.

Can I add that Catalan is more difficult again after a week away. *sob*


Moving right along.....Beth-no-longer-from-Burkina, now from France invited me to join in "Mom's around the World" She wrote:

« A few months ago David asked me if I thought that it would be possible to travel around the world via blog. "Like Around The World In 80 Days," he said, "but on the Internet. Around the world in 80 clicks. 80 mom-blogger clicks!"

So begins a post over at the blog called « Her Bad Mother ».

Here’s a bit more from the original post:
« Here's how it works: share 5 things that you love (or maybe what they don't so much love) about being a mom, and then tag a few more bloggers from your own country and from other countries, and so on.

I was a bit of a dead end on this as I was in London being a bad Mom having abandoned my kids with their Dad for a week....hold on, is that being a bad mom? Not sure. goes,

Five things I love about being a Mom. Let's go....


it's not going, I've got to think about it, cause it has changed a whole lot as the kids got older and I so don't want to be clichéd here.

wait with me a moment here....

OK, think I've got my head on straight.

1. I love the brain jams. You know, those moments when you think that your child is indeed going to go down the aisle with their thumb in their mouths, a diaper on and doing that weird, disturbing hair twirling/plucking/eating habit that you CANNOT make them quit;

and knowing they won't.

2. Laughing my *ss off with them. Hands down, that rules.

3. The regular astonishment I feel at how much they can do and how much they know, and the simultaneous disconnect because I am not surprised that they are so capable and knowledgeable.

4. I am not going to go into the sweet smell of babies heads (omg) or their incredibly soft skin or any of that jazz that we all know about and that is so it survival of the species, the ones who weren't that charming didn't make it this far....I love how strong their personalities are, and how they are so much their own people....they are completely them...that sounds stupid, but they. aren't. mine. or me. and I love that.

5. I love watching them figure things out. It isn't always easy for them, when they were little it was obvious stuff like how to walk and all that, but it is amazing watching them figure out how to make friends, how to be a friend, how to handle crappy friends, yadda yadda yadda, watching them become ever more themselves. It's pretty cool.

Ok, and I gotta admit, the hugs and kisses and love are pretty darned great too. Payback for the days when they are frankly nuts.

Yes girls, I know you're reading. Love ya!

OK...tagging Mom's around the world, let's see who we get....OMG, aside from Beth, I only read one expat Mom...well, there is Nomad, but she has slipped way out of the blogging world...OK, in that case, I guess I will tag Kate and she's still in Spain! Whew...I am a dead end here...however, if you look at the right hand column of my blog WAAAYYYY down at the bottom, you'll see a link to expat blogger, indeed I'll give you one right here where you are sure to find lots of Moms that fit the bill!

If you want to play along, just go right ahead!


David said...

this is excellent - thanks so much for participating!

Helen said...

I agree with all your 5 things. It's hard to narrow it down to 5 though.

Beth said...

ITA on all points! Fab post, Rocky.

Beth said...

rocky, these are fabulous things!!! and it IS hard to just name 5.....

kate said...

Hmm, a tough act to follow! I will think on it and get back to you after the break-- right now I am going insane trying to do two major group projects (meaning, my part in them and critiquing everyone else) solely in the hours between 9:30pm and whenever I fall asleep, only to be awakened a couple of time at night and then definitively at 7am by my three fieras. Gotta love school vacations. Anyway, I hope a) that doesn't wreck the timing in the "80 days" aspect, and b)my complaining here doesn't disqualify me from writing about the things I love about being a mom...

Beth said...

I love your “I love list.”
When you take a moment to reflect on motherhood, you realize you’ve been given the gift of a miracle – or miracles.
And, yes, sometimes those miracles can drive you crazy...but it’s worth every single moment!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the hugs, kisses, and laughter are the best parts about being a mom.

Great list :)

oreneta said...

David, you're very welcome.

Helen, five is indeed tough...and certainly not universal. There are probably as many reasons as there are Moms and kids.

Beth, glad to hear it. Thanks for nudging me onto it.

Beth, I'd love to hear your five!

kate, I know and I hear you, but I also thought you'd write a great list, when you get to it....

Beth...I think I should just rename the blog as the blog for Beths...what is it with that? I guess all Beths are just fabulous. I do agree with you though....miracles indeed. No wonder we stand in awe sometimes.

Trish....hugs and kisses and laughter are great. Youngest also has left me a series of love notes on my cell....they go off through the day and tell me she loves me. Sweet and a half.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a mom, but I still like the smell of a baby's head. Is it normal? ;)

oreneta said...

elP, I think it is a very very good sign. Normal I can't speak to. Who wants to be normal anyway?