Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tired and a little blue.


An old man on our street, one of our neighbours, who I saw yesterday outside enjoying the sunshine, died today at lunchtime. Chuck sang along with the sirens of the ambulances.

Friends in Toronto had to put down their beautiful loving old dog.

My boss has been away all week tending to a dying/very ill aunt.

One of my students has been away all week tending to a dying father.

Went to the school meeting at Youngest's school. That super school-y project I was kivetching about? The kids asked to do it and designed it themselves!!! They got the list of topics off the wiki page. That isn't so bad, and I would have been less grumpy about it had I known.

I get frustrated that my Spanish mobile keeps sending me messages in Spanish that I cannot understand.

We met the goats again in the mountains today. One mama had a still-wet baby trailing after her and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhing for all he was worth. Another pair were hanging out in the long grass waiting for little 'un's legs to pick up speed. Sadly no pictures, I didn't bring the camera. Even if I had though, Chuckalicious was hauling me h*ll for leather in the other direction in mortal fear of all the shepherd's dogs.

Youngest's bedroom still stinks and the girls are still rooming together. Semi-happily.

Youngest's teacher described the class as being "very". They do everything very much. It they are happy they are very happy; if they are working, they work very hard; if they are angry, they are very angry. It certainly seems to describe Youngest well.

I find it hard to describe how embarrased Eldest is by my mere existence.

At least I am giving her something to complain about in therapy when she is older.


Beth said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a little blue. Sometimes the sad things all seem at occur at the same time.
As for Eldest's future therapy? My kids got over their embarrassment of Mom - now they get a kick out of me. There's hope!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Funny how things seem to come in batches - it makes us so much more aware of it too. Tomorrow, another day. Another chance to do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Death is part of the natural cycle. It's tragic when it happens to someone prematurely. But don't get upset if its part of life.
Easy to say less easy to live.

Sea Dog

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OK, here is the info on the Spanish dealers for that car/bike thingey I posted about. Go have some fun.


Avenida de la victoria 108-110 N2. Carretera del plantio a majadahonda

Tlf: 91.633.39.56. Movil: 609.41.20.46

Jorge Camañas Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Garcia.


Calle de gamonal 47 ( Antiguo 39)

Poligono industrial Vallecas Nave 9 y 10

Cp: 28031 Madrid

Tlf: 91.463.99.85// 91.301.32.60



Delegacion Barcelona (Sr Lluis Elias: 607 52 09 25)

Delegacion Girona ( Sr Unai González: 625 54 07 26 )


Carretera Subida el Sobradillo, 12C - Local 1
38108 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Teléfono (+34) 922 610 042
Fax (+34) 922 629 520

J.G. said...

My dad used to say "Trouble comes in bunches, like bananas" and he was right. I'm sure noticing the sad news more, lately. Good reason to appreciate the good things when they happen. Surely baby goats are one of those.

Jason, as himself said...

A lot of ups and downs! I'm sorry about all of the deaths, and everyone is right--they do seem to come all at once.

How dare you exist?

I'm in that boat right now, too. The one where I'm existing and my teens are mortified.

She said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

elpadawan said...

I do believe there are still births everywhere. That's what you should look at/for, it'll restore the balance ;). Weren't you talking about babies' heads smell a few posts ago? ;)

Beth said...

You're a bit "very" yourself. That's why it's so fun to read your blog. You get very enthusiatic, very ticked off, very artistic...and very blue. Luckily, the latter doesn't seem to happen too often.

BTW (completely off-topic): Thank you SO much for the lemon dessert recipe. I make it very often. In fact, I just made it for our friends when we were in Paris. They were so impressed!

Boo and Trev said...

Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Sometimes life does seem to be a bit of a lady dog.
It is the law you should embarrass your children. Did your girls ever read the John Burnigham book Would you rather? One of the choices was "would you rather your father danced in front of your entire school or your mother had an argument with the cashier in a busy cafe"
Actually, I did have the most embarrasing parent in the world and it gives you plent to dine out on in later life

Helen said...

I agree with Boo. Dad was the most embarrassing parent. But it is a rule that you need to embarras your teenage children, and if you work at it you can really turn it to your advantage. They sulk and throw tantrums, you do something mortifiying in public or - worse - n in front of their friends. My kids are now all adult (technically) but I can still embarrass them. I regard it as a tribute to my individuality because the last thing a teenager wants is to be an individual.

oreneta said...

Beth, it is true, things seem to come in batches, or at least we notice it more when they do.

Bodhi, and thank goodness for another chance.

Sea Dog, yes indeed, sometimes it is just sad though.

Doug, you are very I am going to go and check those out!

JG, the baby goats were seriously adorable, even as I was dragged off at high speed. They were so LOUD too.

Jason, how long does it last??? Though she has been embarrassed of me since she was four, so it may go on rather longer. You would think I would be totally numbed to it by now.

She, thank you.

ElP, have you had the chance to be around a small babies head lately? Oh my goodness.

Beth, well, thank you very much, I think. Youngest and I were just talking about that recipe! If I can make something that can impress the French!!! *swoon* Even mere mortals like ourselves who are living in France.....

Boo, I think they would prefer me arguing with the cashier....they are half way used to that anyway. I am going to have to get that book.

Helen, I have to agree, I think your Dad had to have been one of the most embarrassing parents. Goodness. I think you put it beautifully:

I regard it as a tribute to my individuality because the last thing a teenager wants is to be an individual.

Yes indeed. I agree and am heartened.