Saturday, April 25, 2009

You say po-tay-to and I say po-tat-o

I have continued to try and make a really good truita de patates, with little success.

The first one was not so great at all.

The second looked good, but was dry. It was made with the combined input from two friends.

The third was better, but it didn't hold together, at all. It was made with the advice from my local 7-11, which sells things like escargot, stuffed squids, pork in mushroom sauce, unearthly good canelones, sobresada, you get the idea...GOURMET ready to eat food. All of it made on site. Home made allioli for crying out loud! (The allioli is only on weekends)

Just an aside, have you ever tried typing the word allioli? It is quite the exercise for that little finger.

So I was in the local 7-11 today teaching my youngest the valuable lesson of asuaging misery with food. (SUCH good parenting) You see, she won her basketball game, which was all good. She coped just fine with the fact that the man had emptied all the money from my wallet without me noticing so we had no money for candy, but when we blew it and forgot about the literary contest she was entered in which had it's prize giving today, she was pretty upset.

I really wanted to go to, indeed we all really wanted to go and we simply forgot.

The fact that she can enter a literary contest in Catalan is pretty good, and it would have been fun to go, but we simply forgot. I also forgot to pick up a movie for movie night. Oooopps.

Youngest was not a happy camper, and improvements had to be made. Lasagne for dinner. Pasta and cheese makes everything better, along with Iberic ham flavoured potato chips. I kid you not, ham flavoured chips, and they are quite good.

ANYway as usual, I am digressing.

The lovely man in the local 7-11 (his name is Jesus, did I ever tell you that?) Anyway, Jesus and I got chatting about my failed truita attempts and he offered to let me come over and watch how it is made at his store one day. You see, I had the extreme misfortune of having been born in a family that doesn't make truita every other day, so I am handicapped in my truita making skills. Like a true foody, and a kind and generous man, he is willing to hand on his know how to this otherwise hopeless Canadian.

Sweet, no?

Truita tutorials from Jesus.

I lead an odd life sometimes.

Hope your weekend is going well,




elpadawan said...

And I say "patate" :D. But nevermind. Remember Jesus' teachings and cherish them for the rest of your life. (Sorry, with a name like that, the comment *had* to turn out that way).

J.G. said...

Continuing the theme . . .

If He can't make them turn out right, nobody can. :-)

Carla at Feathered Fibers said...

If I met Jesus at my local 7-11 and he offered to teach me to cook, I might think I was hallucinating. LOL,, I say go for it!

oreneta said...

ElP, I will do my very best. ;-)

JG, it is irresistable,

Carla, out that way, it does sound like I have been not quite in touch with reality....