Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That was fast

This is SUCH a village.

We were at the museum opening I mentioned yesterday, when a woman who lives down the street mentioned to me that my Catalan teacher is going to be marrying the man who dated one of the women I worked with and wanted to date another (who is my BF here) and is now engaged to the Catalan teacher. They have been dating for approx. five weeks. She has a teenage daughter. Let the games begin.

I promptly phoned my buddy, the one he wanted to date, I was so excited to have news she didn't.

We saw them together later in the day.

He hadn't said anything.

My BFH seemed a little put out and maybe confused.

I commented that maybe he wanted to keep another iron in the fire, just in case.

Glad she understood the idiom.

Another note. Sitting in the sun for nearly four hours, even with a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses makes your head feel yucky.


Beth said...

I had trouble following that. ;)

And, BTW, unloading a car and truck of your son's possessions (home from university) in the pouring rain also makes your head feel yucky! I think I have a cold. (It better just be a cold.)

oreneta said...

Honestly Beth, it is hard to keep track of from here! Hope you don't have a cold, nor aporkalypse.

Beth said...

"Aporkalypse." Haven't heard that word yet! We're referring to it as "hogwash."
I'm going with normal cold...

oreneta said...

Saw aporkalypse somewhere on line and thought it was brilliant. Hogwash is pretty sweet too!