Monday, April 6, 2009

back home.

Back in BCN, the trip was mostly sweaty! Hot in the plane, hot in the airport, hot on the buses and hot hauling the goodies home, especially as the suitcase was dying, one wheel was wonky and the handle was coming's a cheap suitcase, and you get...a cheap suitcase.

Lovely walk in the hills this tomorrow, I knew it would be beautiful, but didn't want to haul the camera today....the wisteria is out everywhere and the smell is ethereal and stunning.



More later.


Beth said...

While I do sympathize with the heat you endured, I'm envious.
It's snowing here! Whatever happened to "April showers..."?

Good to be home, right?

(Love that gesture you left in your comment. I've been using it already...just for practice!)

oreneta said...

Nooooooo Beth, SNOW again! OMG. It is indeed good to be home in many many is a great gesture....keep practicing, we all need to recognise ourselves from time to time for what we can do.

J.G. said...

Hope your cheap suitcase did not expire with the same sound as mine: mine blew a wheel and produced a sound similar to nails on a chalkboard. No friends in the airport for me!