Wednesday, February 10, 2010

books and fruitcake! I am Mr Putter, only younger and female. Oh, and I have a dog. folks are here, life is good.

......they brought fruitcake.  Life is extremely good.

......I am really quite pleased with today's canvas a day submission, especially after yesterdays rather dreary effort.

.....I think I should have gone for a stitch in my finger.  Or two.  Ouch.

.....went down to the next town and got a package of books.  SWEET!

    Two Kingsolivers, Nikolski from Canada reads, McPoems, and a couple of others...titles to come.

.....I have so very many great books to read, how can life be bad?

.....I ate fruitcake at 12:09 am.  Life is great. folks are here, maybe they'll help with the Mona Lisa puzzle that is killing me, it may take me longer than it took him, and he took YEARS at it.

.....I love books.  Time to go read.

.....I love that I can read a book in another language too.  Sweet sweet sweet.

.....if you have never met Mr Putter, you simply must.

.....I just found out that she has written more!!!  I am so going to have to buy them.  So what if they are for 6 year olds.  They are simply perfect.


Beth said...

You are in a fabulous mood! It's infectious. I'm smiling just reading this post.

(Loved that snail & turtle joke - tickled my fancy. And the video? The guy is good - made me laugh.)

Lynda said...

Nooo you made my mascara run!

"Silence... I kill you!" Haha hahahaha

"its a flesh wound..." ha ha ha how Monty Python...

"what the hell happened to my feet!"

So NOT politically incorrect... I love it!

Can I have some fruitcake please?

Helen said...

Glad you got your books and are feeling more cheerful Love to the parents.

oreneta said...

Beth, glad it gave you a laugh.

Lynda, sorry about the mascara...I KILL you!!!

Helen, glad you got your too....Hi back!

J.G. said...

I love fruitcake and I thought I was the only one. So nice to hear you and Lynda also have sophisticated taste!

(Obviously, catching up on my reading here, days late.)

oreneta said...

Fruitcake...I may have to learn how to make it cause I so often have to go without, then again. when I was pregnant with one of the kids, Eldest in fact, I managed to engulf an entire Marks and Spencer fruit cake in a single day. It must have weighed at least five pounds. Oh, it was so good.