Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What happened???????

Today in class one of my students started trying to tell me about the Olympics.  They helpfully informed me that the games are going on in Vancouver which, astonishingly, is in Canada.  They also pointed out that that is where I come from.

Don't miss a trick these kids.

Then they tried to tell me about the Canadian hockey team.  They may have won something, or maybe they will win something, and I am not sure if we were discussing the women's or the men's team.  Something also happened to a Canadian skier which, judging by the sheer volume of waving arms and flailing bodies, looked like it must've hurt.  In case I wasn't clear on that point, they kept turning their feet backwards at the ankle and making 'crack' noises.

Thus prompting this post:

Olympic whine, day 2.

I have been dwelling on my lack of access to on-line Olympic coverage somewhat remorsefully; nay, relentlessly; nay, like someone with a broken tooth whose tongue just cannot stay well enough away despite the occasional rockets of pain it causes.


I do not understand why they cannot live-stream the Olympic coverage from the television stations.  Advertisers get more viewers for the same buck, more people suffer through their ads, more in fact that the folks that video the olympics and can fast forward through the same freaking stupid ad they have seen 45 times every day for the last 12 days.

I just don't get it.

Personally, and bitterly, I think the IOC are a bunch of dinosaurs who have trouble sending e-mail and have no idea of what the heck is going on out in cyber-space. No. Idea.

That is the definitive word of a woman reduced to getting her Olympic coverage from eight-year-old low-level English students.

It is a sad, sad thing.


Beth said...

It’s okay to whine – you’re entitled.
I just watched Canada get another Gold medal – Maelle Ricker – Snowboard Cross.
Still, I’d trade places with you for a few days...

Beth said...

I add my whine to yours.
The coverage here on French TV is just pathetic. I'm completely with you in wishing the IOC would join the 21st century!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, I'll join your club. The IOC is a real insiders men's club that pretends to be with it.The official Olympics TV programme here in Riga is the pits.
Disconcerting to have to listen to Latvian sports/olympics commentators mange the names of the participants so badly - some of the craziest pronuciations I've ever heard in my life!!! - I either get an attack of hives or out of sheer disgust turn the sound off and wait for name of participant and country to finally appear.
After our dishearteningly huge loss to the Russian hockey team early this morning/(last night Canadian time), don't much regret my not being able to watch the other games!GM

J.G. said...

I am getting my info second-hand also, but at least from a native speaker. The Olympics are one of the few times I really miss t.v.

The I.O.C. is indeed sadly behind the times.

mmichele said...

I don't think anyone broke a leg, or an ankle. The hockey teams, well, they are doing really well.

So sorry!

oreneta said...


Beth, it IOC sucks. I blow a raspberry in their general direction.

Gm, seems we are all unhappy about the national coverage where we are. I remember being content in Australia when I watched it once and in Hungary too. Here, not so much.

JG, we used to have a little old black and white buried in the basement that we pulled out for the Olympics and for elections. Maybe we'll find one here too.

Mmichele, THANK you for the update! Glad no one broke anything. GO HOCKEY!!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Terribly sad, indeed.

oreneta said...

Hula, pathetic, no?

Anonymous said...

Can you not get the BBC website or the olympic one for news and updates? And even the odd highlight video? Canada beat Norway 8-0 in their first hockey game. No point watching that live - you can't see the puck it goes too fast! Fighting is amusing though.


oreneta said...

I can check websites for scores and all, but what I am looking for is live streaming, and that just doesn't exist, at least not legally. And Trevor, I'm Canadian, I can follow the puck.....Was there much fighting? I'm surprised.

I will check out the BBC though just in case, thanks for the heads up.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I am so sad about your lack of Olympic coverage. I thought for sure that the entire civilzed world would be watching. Have you tried the CTV website? http://www.ctvolympics.ca/

Not to rub it in, but I think the coverage here is absolutely first rate. Way better than any US coverage I can remember. Hopefully you'll find someplace online where you can view the action.

oreneta said...

Doug, the problem is the IOC that banned on-line streaming. Nada. I have to buy a TV and get satellite here if I want to watch it, and I am pretty sure that the coverage ain't going to be all that great. Not like in Canada, where it is frankly AMAZING:

I am sooooo disappointed.