Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cosmo Caixa

After getting Eldest's hair stylishly cut last night, we went into Cosmo Caixa today.  I adore the place.  We all do.  Youngest even mentioned that it makes her sad to leave.  It is an amazing place.  Right now they have a (very small) display on about Darwin, including some objects that he collected with his own hands, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Below is the pattern from the shell/carapce/? of an ancient giant armadillo.  You have to like the flower patterns, no?

They also have a -simulated of course- rainforest, complete with underwater viewing.  This fish is every bit as enormous as it seems in the photo.

This little fellow came fluttering and peeping over to us, I believe that he was enamoured with the man's bright yellow-green runners....

Hmmm, the capybara photo doesn't seem to have made it.  Looked a bit like Chuck on a bad hair day.  From the right angle.  He's got just a few pounds on him.

The little guy below was in the same cage with him though...I like his light blue chest offset by the lovely green beak, no?

Believe it or not, those big brownish looking old dust rags are flowers!

Sea horse.  What can I say, they had a tank of sea horses. I was good and I am only posting three photos.

Hard to have too many photos of sea horses, especially when they are holding tails.

See 'em hiding there?

They had a live nautilus!!!!!  How cool is that?  Sadly we didn't see it swim which would have been super cool, but it was just amazing to see one at all.

Fish.  I love them, must go back to the days in the Bahamas with all the snorkelling.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we were all see-through?  No X-rays anyway.

We had a lovely time.



mmichele said...

I LOVE seahorses! Thanks for the pics.

We missed a huge Darwin exhibit in London by about 3 days. The special gift shop was still open but that was about it.


Beth said...

What is it about sea horses? Is it their delightful size and fairy-tale quality that appeal to us?

oreneta said...

mmichele, Sea horses! LOVE them. Darwin was amazing.

Beth, they are so very magical aren't they. How the move and swim and how the look. Out of this world!