Monday, February 8, 2010

I was supposed to do WHAT???

You know that work/family/self dance?

Yeah, that one, where you try and keep all the plates up in the air at the same time?

It's a bit of a btich, no?

I have promised myself that I will read more, that I will paint a canvas a day, that I will write/blog/reflect every day and that I will walk the dog in the mountains more often.


Pulling some of it off.  Then comes that feeling that the plates are starting to get a little out of control, and some of them seem to be appearing out of thin air because you forgot they were know those ones?

I find it easier in Canada.  I am working very hard with very long hours on a single focussed work place.  My childcare issues are usually straighforward, in that no one is doing projects that need supplies to be purchased (by me) and there are no birthdays etc. Personal life is somewhat paired down.

Here, not so much.

Chaos.  I teach more than 10 different classes, each of which has their own needs, requirements, markings and updates to stay on top of.  Two kids, each of with a never ending stream of odd requirements.  Having to by electrical wire, teach division with decimals (which are commas here just to make it more confusing) confirm visits, print documents etc etc etc......then there is basketball, the architects, the house, the garden....Then there is the man, and his work schedule and now his running schedule too.....gads.  My work in Canada and marking, booking tickets for trips and scheduling that - akin to a royal visit for all the different timetables involved.

The plates are coming at me like balls out of a hyperspeed batting cage machine.

I can manage that, IF I don't try and do any of those other things, like paint and write and read and go to the mountains.

Balance.  Such a challenge.

Survival techniques?

I have worked with a daily agenda, which is fine up to a point, but if something doesn't get done in a day I have to rewrite it for a subsequent day.  If I forget to do that, the chore disappears from the Universe until it bites me on the you know what.

I also have a calender hung in the kitchen where everyone can see it, but not too many people look and I am the only one who writes.

I also need to have a master that things do not disappear.  It is so depressing when I see it all totted up together though....

Solutions?  Techniques?  Ideas?

That don't involved losing some of my own time?

Yours sincerely,

Juggling in Spain.


1.  Went into a meeting at work that I sooooo did. not. want. to. attend, and it was great.  I sat to one side and whipped  through a mass of work.  Now, while I am still up to my nostrils in chaos, I am slightly more in control anyway.

2.  Note to self.  On a day when feeling overwhelmed and with too little time, possibly, just possibly, it is not a good day to tackle a portrait for the canvas a day.  THAT didn't work out too well.  The right eye? Just got too wet.  Nothing I could do.  Out Of Control.  I may go back in tomorrow with some acrylics if I have a chance and try to rescue it.  Or not.


Nomad said...

Suggestion #1 Google Calender. BRilliant. Saves my for everyones schedule and then some.

Suggestion # 2 Keep up the good work on the painting, the more you do the better it gets. Life drawing class here - a pose in 6 minutes, *GAH* pretty soon you are not even looking at the page, and hey they don't turn out to bad. I think your one eye guy looks pretty darn good.

Suggestion # 3
Sounds like some thoughtful delegating (opportunties for others?)/or potential editing might not be bad to consider, sounds like maybe there are too many balls in the air for one person to manage peacefully.

Thinking of you.

Hug H

Beth said...

Those chores that disappear & come back to bite you in the a**? Let ‘em disappear - because they DO always come back.
As the Queen of lists and post-its, I really have no advice to offer re: getting everything accomplished. But I have learned that without that “me time” it’s either you or the plates that will crash. Better it be the plates…

Lynda said...

Not sure if it is depression or laziness, but lately, I just 'let shit slip'... for no reason other than I can't be bothered. After spending over 40 years of my life being anal and controlling, I am entering a whole new phase. Some days it works.. others are a nightmare.

hulagirlatheart said...

I find I can't excel at all of my "must dos" every day. Each day I have to pick the ones I can do well and the ones that will get a hit, lick and a promise. Some days I concentrate on being a better mom, other days I concentrate on being a better employee, spouse or friend. It's never easy.

My personal theory is that I can have it all, just not at the same time. I had to turn loose of a lot of guilt, too.

kate said...

Hmm, no real advice here, either (though I love the Tasks option in Gmail-- you create a to-do list and add/cross things off as necessary.)

I am loving your canvases a day (and wondering-- are they really all on canvas, or paper? Where are you storing them all?) Does it feel like just one more thing that has to be done, or does it feel like "me time"?

I am most likely going to start working full time (big commute each way) in the very near future, and the logistics of that are giving me nightmares. Mostly thinking about how I am going to be able to be there for my very needy but wonderful kids after a 12-hour day out of the house (maybe a bit less-- hopefully!)

So I may need some hints as well!

Helen said...

Sometimes I find that when I am getting overwhelmed by all the stuff like that that it is better to take a step sideways for a bit. Let a lot of stuff just do its thing and some of them will just go away, or they can wait, or someone else may help.

Or if you take a breather then when you come back to it, you find it easier to get through.

Priority lists do help though. I am a great believer in lists.

Boo and Trev said...

I like that picture - it looks a bit like Dr Gachet by Van Gogh. Remember, reading, walking and painting are a pleasure - don't make them a duty. If you don't get a painting done or a long walk with his chuckiness, nobody will die and you can always catch up another day.

oreneta said...

Nomad, believe me, I delegate all I can. Youngest made the food for her own party as well as sweeping the stairs. Helped with shopping too....still, some days! You're also quite right about the painting, though today's effort was a little too underambitious...blech.

Beth, thank you for the reminder, much better the plates. You are so right.

Lynda, some stuff...I let it slip...not too much though....then again I buggered off and got on a boat for three years, if that isn't letting things go.....hope it's not depression hon. OH! I am having trouble commenting on your blog. Somedays I can, somedays the screen doesn't come up. A problem since you switched to that discus thing.

Hula, I think that's a good way of looking at it, and I think I do most of the time. There are periods though when it starts to seem pretty overwhelming....and there seems to be so little that can take a back seat for even a while.

Kate, no. They are not on canvases in fact. Rather on pieces of paper, good quality watercolour paper, that measures about the size of two cd cases side by side. Maybe a little smaller. Your full time work....sounds like that's going to be a tough adjustment for everyone. Good luck with it, post for ideas if you want 'em.

Helen, I too love a good is also astonishing how the sheets of paper on the bottom of the pile that you've nearly forgotten about no longer need anything done about them.....and no disaster has ensued. Sweet when that happens.

Boo, good eye. it's a poor/loose copy of a Van Gogh, Armand Roulin or the Boy in the Yellow Jacket. And you're right, no one will die if I take some time to walk or read or paint, or indeed nap like I did today. Though I may end up staying up too late (again). I may have done that nap or no....

Thanks folks for the imput. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

not sure how I manage everything in the end. I'd say prioritizing and delegating.

oreneta said...

Good basic premis......