Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why were they doing that and where did they get that thing.

The other day I was going into BCN in the morning.  A normal kind of trip, early, rush hour.  Not something I have to do often thankfully, but normal.

As we were getting onto one of the main roads, we stopped.  So did everyone behind us (a good thing) and everyone ahead of us was stopped for some distance.

There was a cop car up ahead stopping the entire line of traffic.

A little weird.

Finally he let us all go on and join the mass of congestion further up.  Everyone started craning their necks trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  As we approached the bottle neck, we discovered that it was entirely intentional.  There was a whole series of cop cars parked across the road reducing traffic to a very slow crawl.

The cops were the Guardia Civil.  Serious cops, honestly, scary cops.

They had machine guns, and they were eyeing the passengers in every car.  One might be forgiven for wondering who they were looking for.  EVERYONE was on their cell phone talking to someone, asking them to turn on the news and find out what was going on.

This was all kind of creepy, and then we went past the last car which was parked perpendicular to the regular flow of traffic.  Behind that car was a big big cop.  In his had he held a chain, and the chain was laid out behind him on the ground, about 20 feet of it or so.  This was not like any chain I have ever seen.  Shiny fresh bright silver and studded with those spiked balls you see in medieval warfare, maces or more specifically morningstars they're called, or like giant coltrops which were used to stud the road and stop horses.  Like this, but smaller.

(Image from the wiki page)

Clearly, attempting to speed through the check point would not be a good idea.  Everyone gasped at the site of that.  Never seen anything like it in my life.

Still wondering what it was all about.  Doubt I'll find out though.  Sort of like the drug take-down I ended up stuck amongst (sort of) last summer.

You never do get the whole story.



Boo and Trev said...

Strange. Maybe they's got some tip off about Basque separatists. We were in Liverpool St Station in London last year on a Saturday evening and there were dozens of police. Really odd. Never did find out what it was all about.
Apparently, if you are on the tube and there is an announcement saying something like "Would Mr Harris go to the ticket office" that is warning staff that there is an incident of some kind

Anonymous said...

Glad you were fine in the end. Maybe all some of the people on the phone were telling their accomplices that there was a road block ahead and that they should make a U-turn ASAP with "the cargo".

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Very weird indeed. Seeing that chain would have freaked me out too. Funny how there is so much more going on around us that we have no clue about - I think I'm happier not knowing and being clue-less!

oreneta said...

Yeah, I imagine all public transit systems have their codes. This was just a little freaky for the fire power they had out.

ElP, One would think, no? How useful could it be?

Bodhi, The chain was freaky....I am still curious though.

J.G. said...

Machine guns and medieval chain sounds like high tech meets low tech. Interesting. (Maybe a little too interesting!)

oreneta said...

Yeah, they were covering the bases pretty thoroughly weren't they.

Anonymous said...

My curiosity would be bursting, too! It is always eye opening to see stuff like this.

Btw, love your latest canvas!! YOu are so blasted talented!

oreneta said...

Carla, you are so very turned out well didn't it! I was pretty pleased too!