Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soup soup soup soup and bannock.

I baked bannock today on the stove top with lots and lots of oil. One could almost say that I deep fried bannock today on the stove top.  I had intended to include a picture of it, but we ate it too fast.

Mmichele had a photo up of a bannock that see had seen cooked, and it is BIG.  That was part of the inspiration.  I used to make bannock quite a lot, especially on the boat.  Every single member of my family adores it.  Me too.

I also made it because we've been eating a lot of cabbage and beans.  Cabbage and beans can have a rather drastic impact on one's digestive system.  I am accustomed to eating a fair amount of both items, but the man has (to our delight) been making this killer-good soup.  Cabbage and beans and potatoes.  I almost feel Polish.

It is very very very tasty.  Because we don't have a fridge, things have to be eaten up or they go off.  The man has been making really big pots of soup.  I have been eating soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a couple of days.  This has been making my life a wee bit awkward.  Ya see, I teach.  The classes are small and not terribly well ventilated.  Yesterday I had six hours of back-to-back classes.   The only bathroom is permanently occupied between classes, has a very thin wooden door and an open transom window above it.  There is not a lot of auditory privacy from the masses of students lined up in the narrow hallway outside the loo.

All this means that I have no way to relieve my distress.  Shall we say.

I opted out of soup this morning at breakfast.  Much better.  When faced with the soup again at lunch today I made bannock.  The man was faintly offended.  I was forced to explain my issue with his utterly delicious soup.  Then I ate my bannock.

Here's hoping for a peaceful evening.

And soup for dinner.


Beth said...

Glad you've got that under control!

Also- thanks so much for the bannock idea! Without a working oven,I'm getting so frustrated coming up with good food ideas for six people day after day.

Beth said...

You may not have a peaceful evening if you have soup again for dinner!

Nomad said...

Loving this white line as separation - theme emerging in your water!

Are you using a resist or is it with your wrist?

Looks awesome!

Nomad said...

PS did you ever post the bannock recipe? I would love to see how you make it and what goes into it.

oreneta said...

Nomad, no resist, all wrist. Recipe will come tomorrow.

mmichele said...

Calvin believes deep fried bannock is the best.

Lynda said...

First... I had no idea what Bannock was... had to google it. Sounds good! Second... rest assured there is not a snow ball's chance in hell that I would ever feed Mr Dear Husband beans and cabbage in the same WEEK... let alone the same meal day after day. The hole in the ozone layer is quite big enough me thinks.

oreneta said...

Beth, haven't had an oven in nearly seven years now. Have to admit, I miss it. A lot.

Beth, I sleep very heavily. I'll be fine. The man? we'll have to see.

Nomad, bannock recipe to come one of these days.....noted.

mmichele, deep fried most anything is best, no?

Ah, but Lynda, we like to live on the edge!

hulagirlatheart said...

No oven or fridge? Wow! I'm intrigued. I guess I could do it, I would be in shock initially though.

oreneta said...

We're freaks, what can I say.