Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cap de Creus

Everyone, but everyone has told us that we have to go out to Cap de Creus.

They were utterly right.

It was very nearly a perfect day for it, sunny, windy, cold and clear.  The water is beautiful the rocks are amazing.  It is the tail ends of the Pyrenees disappearing into the Med.  Dalí spent a lot of time out there.  Something commendable in a freakish man.

First we stopped in Cadaqués.  My Mom was hungry and my kids were car sick.  Besides that, it's beautiful.  In a weird moment of 'casualitat' or coincidence, we ran into people we know in the smokey little nothing bar where we ate.

Doorway, may look a mite familiar.  Used it in the painting of the day.  I love doorways.

I have to admit I also like narrow walkways.  The light seems to be bright in a weird way.  The photos often seem weirdly washed out.  I hope it wasn't the camera.

Cap de Creus, looking not nearly as windy as the day was.  The sea looks nice and blue doesn't it.  Goodness gracious, but I loved this place.

It also had the most amazing geological formations.  This is a quartz intrusion, quite large.  In many ways it reminded us of the Bahamas, though rather colder.  Harsh rocky windblown land with little or no soil or vegetation.

More rocks, I love the shapes of them all....

Hell's cove. On a really good day with the waves blowing in here it would be quite something.

Mountain chains. There was an old monastery up there which has since been converted to a restaurant.  Good to know for the future.  Nice view.  There was an old guy, well, not really all that old, but a weathered guy building walls.  I felt a little intrusive taking his photo, so I didn't.  Sorry.

More views.  I love mountains and the sea together.  Ahhh.

We stopped off in Port Lligat where Dalí had a house that is now a museum.  We arrived at 5:06.  As we walked over I figured that the place would either be just opening or just closing.  Just closing.  Masses of chilly Frenchmen waiting around outside.  And this fish sculpture.  Have to go back.  Do a Dalí tour so to speak.  Though I am not really all that sure that I like his work.

Lovely day.

Cap de Creus was the best bit I have to admit.  There were a million walking trails.  Wonder if I could go spend a month out there sometime.

That would be wonderful.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Looks like you had a great day! Love the pics and your new header pic, with all the different rocks, is my favorite. I especially like the two rocks that look suspiciously like boots. :o)

Thanks for sharing.

Nomad said...

Mmmm...So lovely ...feeling a mite envious over here with our TONS of snow. Glad you had a lovely day. HUG

Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious! GM

Beth said...

The sea and rock formations – tumultuous and enduring. Perhaps this accounts for the universal appeal?

hulagirlatheart said...

Nifty! Such a cool place. I especially love that next to last picture. Dali-such as odd duck but so intriguing.

Helen said...

Looks lovely. I quite like Dali - weird but interesting

Beth said...

Thanks for the virtual tour! It did me a world of good to see a beautiful bit of the world today...
The weather here chez nous was sunny and gorgeous, but I felt too sick to go out. So, looking at your lovely pics was just what i needed.
Sounds like you had a fun day.

oreneta said...

Doug, it was a wonderful day. Definitely on my must go back list!

Nomad, tons of never ending snow huh...shudder. and a Hug right back.


Beth, I think so, something about getting to the end of things's as far east as you can go in Spain....

Dalí as an odd duck. So generous of you!

Helen, there is the big Dalí museum in Figuerés.....

Oh, Beth, what's wrong? I've got a minor tummy bug at the moment I am endeavoring to ignore, somewhat unsuccessfully. Yuck.