Monday, February 22, 2010

Popcorn phones

Gonna have to try this, the trick is getting enough phones together.



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

OK, watched it. It's damn scary.

Beth said...

Watched the video, made Sam look at it and he said, "B.S." So I checked with the Snopes site - he was right. It doesn't happen.
Fooled me!

oreneta said...

Bodhi, it is alarming, but it doesn't totally make sense. Cell phones give off, non-ionizing radiation which is the same thing that microwaves give off, but so do radios and so does light. (I have to say that the wiki page is rather alarmist on this, I would go elsewhere. Even I can see some errors on that one.) Studies are at best mixed, and it seems like something that requires long term exposure to be a problem. Solution for the cautious? Text rather than talk (keeps it away from your brain), use a hands free set and limit use. Also get your kid a really cheap text plan and a really pricey call plan that they have to pay for. Developing brains would be much more vulnerable.

Beth, I do so want to try it though, maybe with some of my students I can get enough phones together.

swenglishexpat said...

Weird or what?! I can feel my brain fizzle. ;-) But honestly, it does make you think.

BTW I have had a look at some of your Picasa albums. There are many interesting and very good pictures there. Interesting to see how you have categorised them. Resembles some of my categories on Pictura Digitalis, but it all depends on what kind of photos you have to organise. I'll be back for more. :-)

oreneta said...

Swenglish, apparently it's a hoax, but still interesting to watch....those picasa albums, I'm going to have to go through them again, they have been languishing without updates for a long time now. Onto the to-do list!