Monday, February 15, 2010

Palau and no Olympics

We went off the the Palau de la Música Catalana today for a tour, and it is stunning.  Simply stunning.  It is a Unesco World Heritage site and well deservedly.  It was originally built as the home of a choir, and there is still a choir in residence.

They didn't skimp.

What a concert hall.  Now we are simply going to have to start going more often!  Something else to put on my to do list!

Oh.  I am also totally bummed about the Olympics.  I love the Olympics and every year we can we watch every minute of it we can manage.  This year however we don't have a TV and you cannot stream it on line.  Spanish coverage of the Olympics is bound to be a little spotty and focussed on downhill to the exclusion of most everything else.

The poopy IOC has blocked all on line streaming unless you are lucky enough to live in a country that has purchased the rights.

Spain hasn't.

I am seriously bummed.  Big fat boo hoo.

Amazon is also making me crazy again!  Now I have to phone them long distance to try and place my order.  ARGH!

Frustration all around on that count.

Then again, life is good.  The Palau is beautiful and if the worst I have to complain about is not watching the Olympics and having trouble ordering books....

ya know where that goes.

Cheers folks.  It's been a great long weekend.

Hope you had a good one too.


Jason, as himself said...

Okay, so I guess your life isn't 100% charmed.

Just 98%.

Beth said...

I think I just might trade viewing the Olympics for a chance to see some of the sites you’re able to see!
Does no line streaming mean you’re not able to see some of the Olympic coverage via Youtube?

Beth said...

those mosaics are FABULOUS!!!

oreneta said...

Jason, so true...and my current Olympic coverage makes up for it's absence of definitive fact, or indeed any images whatsoever by sheer entertainment value.

Beth...I know I know I know, youtube has some. but it is all clips and the story is completely lost that way. Completely.

Beth, the place is amazing....truly it is.