Monday, February 1, 2010

Get 'em Chuck.....

Just so that you know.   It is difficult to take a decent photo when the dog is humping your leg.  They come out something like this....

On another note. We had (another) meeting with the architect and a builder.

Man what a roller coaster this whole thing is.  Mostly we've been headed down, but signs of lift appear.

Both details and large changes were discussed, somewhat confusingly at times, but I think we are all in agreement on the broad plans.  Things about this are very good.  We will have more space in the terrace up top that we thought we would, which is EXCELLENT...the washing machine will not be as separated as maybe it could be, but that's OK.  The design for the dining room has altered somewhat....and it looks like we might be able to get bathrooms!!! WOOT!!!!

I got happy about bathrooms.

I was OK about the dining room changes.

I was very happy about saving 2500 Euros by painting myself

I was happy they think we can reuse the front door.

I was confused by the terrace plan, and then I was happy indeed.

I was not the least bit happy by the time frame.  For a while it looked like 9 months.  I thought I would die on the spot.  I actually considered selling up and walking away from it all.  OH MY GOD!

Revised to San Joan, July 24th.  Let me tell you, we'll be moving that day, finished or not.  I can work with that.   He didn't promise that every last detail would be done, but we'd be done enough to move in.

That made me happier.

Gave the go ahead for the next stage.   That left me heaving a sigh of relief.  When the man and I want to make a decision, it takes us about 3.6 seconds. (plus time thinking before hand). We make good ones too.

The man will have to do the move alone.  That I simply cannot imagine. We'll have to get some kind of help....good LORD!  Packing to go to TO this summer will take on a whole new meaning.  Do you know how hot it is here in July?  BRUTAL.

At least I won't have to do repairs on the house in TO at the same time.  That'll be a pleasant change.
Numbers were bandied about, the number of guys working was mentioned.  


This is good.

Still a lot of decisions to be made.  Progress.  Ho hum.

The numbers look much more reasonable and doable.  We have talked to the bank and it looks like it will be manageable from their end.

If we could just START already.....

Maybe I should set the dog on them.  He'd hump them into action.  No?


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Nothing like a dog humping your leg to get things rolling. Phew! Let's hope that's the end of the discussion and the beginning of some actual destruction and building.

J.G. said...

Careful! It might make your new walls all zig-zaggy!

Beth said...

I wouldn’t sic Chick on them – wouldn’t want to risk any set-back to the progress!
And, hey, six months isn’t that long – work is still being done on the tear-down/reno two doors away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I haven't kept up - are these the new young architects you were so enthused about or the old one and his daughter back in on the job?GM

Lynda said...

When Mr Dear Husband isn't in Madagascar or Upper Mongolia... he has been in Spain... and he has had more than a bit to say about the employment laws etc.. in fact I do believe that some of the words would not be appropriate in polite society.

Go Chuck!

Beth said...

And when Chuck has gotten them "humped into shape", send him over here to work on my French builder. That man has a leg just crying out for some action. He should have started our work a week ago and when I called him today, he said "Maybe next week".

Best of luck to you! I SO know what you are going through! I'm just glad the plans seem to be coming together...

Helen said...

Good luck with it all. Does the architect keep the builders up to the mark and cracking on with things? Bathrooms are definitely good.

I think its time Chuck went to see the vet with the big nutcrackers by the sounds of it.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, we are sadly going to be talking some more, but movement is distantly in sight anyway....

JG, good point, or wig waggy....

Oh Beth, have mercy...don't tell me that!!! Did your dog ever get all humpy? Chuck is getting quite out of had these days....everyone...getting a little old over here.

GM, new and young. I would struggle to be polite to the older one. Struggle mightily.

Lulu, it is a different type of place. What does he hate? Curious to hear his perspective. Worse than the French?

Beth, on our way! He'd be happy to oblige..... idea, but I think it is a little late, no? I'm going to have to do some homework on training this out of him...