Friday, February 5, 2010

Coral reefs and crochet

Black cranky nasty grumpy day......'nuff said.

MOVing right along, this talk  will let all of you crocheters out there realise that you were actually doing intensively advanced mathematics.

Nothing I don't love about TED talks, and this presentation is amazing.  16 min well spent.  You'll learn something about everything.


Beth said...

Unconsciously doing advanced math is the only way I could do it – but I don’t crochet. And so, this means…???
Hope you lose the grumps today. ;)

oreneta said...

Ah well....nor do I. Today was a better day. Good.

Anonymous said...

Shall I write them and ask for pictures to show me how?? Hyperbolic Crocheting for Dummies?

Glad you are feeling better!

oreneta said...

I thought of you....I think you should go for it! Here's the site and this woman seems particularly amazing.