Friday, February 26, 2010


Live blogging the women's hockey final. CTV, bless them, is live streaming it.  I have to download a windows product into my Mac to do it though. Not too happy about that.

Now I just can't get in!!!!!

12:39am I can get the score board on the top.  This will not make for a great game.

12:44 All I can do is read the stats.  We've had two shots on goal and they have a hooking penalty.

12:45, now they have a shot on goal.  This is not a fun way to watch hockey.

12:47, we've got three shots on goal and I am going over to an American station to see if I can watch.

12:50. The Americans are only going to live stream the men's game.  Rage!!!!

12:52  CBC has a chat!  I'm supposed to be happy chatting about the game!?!?!?!

12:54  I hate the IOC.  Look what MSNBC had on their site:

Due to Olympic broadcasting regulations, NBC is only allowed to show Olympic competition video on the internet to users in the United States and U.S. Territories (including Puerto Rico). Users outside of those locations will still have access to an extensive set of non-event video content on including the video listed below.

12:55!!! WE SCOOOOORRRRRRED!!!!!!!!

This is so sad.  So pathetic just looking at the scoreboard.

12:57.  I am not sure I can stay up till 3 am watching a score board though.  Just a little too pathetic.

1:03 I'm going to bed.


on too little sleep, 

We WOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Beth said...

Yeah, it was a great game! How frustrating for you. Perhaps you’d have been better off without the hope/promise of (successful) live streaming.
Sorry you’ll miss the game tonight - or maybe the live streaming will work?
In case it doesn't, I’ll give a few shouts & cheers for you. ;)

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

We are watching the Mens semi-final against Slovakia. Oh, maybe I shouldn't mention that. I am totally new to this hockey thing but this game is not as easy pickin's as the Canada vs Russia game, at least it looks that way to me. I hope you solve it and can watch this game!

mmichele said...

poor darling.

next olympics, i will set up a web cam in front of the television. then, get you on skype. then, you can watch and it will cost us just pennies per view.

hulagirlatheart said...

It's a crime that such a world sporting event is not available to more folks around the world. Big screw up by the IOC.

The Candadians have had a great Olympics. The hockey game was great. I was simply a puddle in the floor when Joannie won the bronze in figure skating. I found myself hoping the American skater would bobble so Joannie would stay in third place and win a medal. Men's it comes!

oreneta said...

Beth, I'm not even going to try. Part of what I like about the women's game is their passion and the guys ain't got it. They get to play in the big leagues and this is just a side-show for them, and it shows.

Doug, no hope.

Mmichele, next olympics, I'll take you up on that. I am still bummed we didn't get to meet in BCN and I had to stand you up so rudely. Embarrassed as I type.

Hula, it is stupid. Glad the games are going well. I thought that girl got a bronze, no?