Thursday, April 15, 2010


Weird thing (some) Catalans do:  When they finish a puzzle, they glue it together, frame it and hang it on the wall.  I find that strange.

Rude thing one Catalan did (not to be generalised to all Catalans this one):  Came to my house, rang the bell, came inside.  All the while talking on her cell phone.  She continued her conversation for a full three minutes more while we all stood around inside my house, waiting for her to bother to say anything to us.

I find that really rude.

I am doubting again which contractor to go with, he is not returning calls.  He ain't even got the job yet and he isn't returning calls.



Told that boy off. Up one side and down the other.  I was being nice enough until he called me 'noia' which is girl-y (kind of).  Then I got nastier.

We met at five and seem to have sorted our differences.  It does help when the contractors need work.  They do have to reform to some extent.  He sent all the documents I need, even translated one of them out of Spanish for me, even though I told him, repeatedly, that he didn't have to, and the man will have a look over them this evening too.  If all goes well, I'll sign them, get the license, give him his initial payment and he may even start on Monday.


The man is supposed to be flying back from Canada via the UK in the next few days.  Here's hoping he makes it.  Not only do I miss him madly, but we have two meetings with government offices next week that he has to be here for.  Wonder if you can be excused on account of Icelandic Volcanoes.

Never, ever, ever, ever dull.


Anonymous said...

All the airports in northern Europe are CLOSED because of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. Absolute chaoss everywhere. Supposedly the cloud is moving east.
You "canvas a day" for April 15 is superb. Love it. GM

oreneta said...

I know people trapped ALL OVER the place. Holland, Montenegro, Paris, and the man.....fingers crossed.

Thank you about the painting.

Beth said...

The French do the puzzle thing, too!! Too funny!

As for cell phone lady- that's not a cultural quirk, that's just plain awful and rude.

Hope your guy makes it through!!

oreneta said...

Beth, the FRENCH do the puzzle thing? I thought they were supposed to be the kings of taste? Maybe they only restrict themselves to food and (some) women's clothing? They do like Jerry Lee Lewis....he should make it some time, the question is when.