Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday, a review.

Woke up extra early today, around 5:30 am, but it was OK.  I was just happy to find out I wasn't the only one in the bed.  The man is, however, a very very light sleeper and is also very very tired so I got up to let him rest, which has been lovely.  I got caught up on the canvas a day project which has eluded me the last two days due to exhaustion, got a cup of tea and watched the sun come up over the sea.  Life can be pretty darned sweet at 6am.

Got some catching up to do in other ways as well.  Youngest and I have been planting flowers like mad things over in the garden, photos should follow; and we had the first meeting with the architect and the builders on-site today.

Those guys are destucto-rama monsters.  Holy jeez they take stuff down fast.  If I could just get a key from them I could show you.

Some cracks in one of the vaults out back have appeared which weren't there before, kind of worrisome but what the heck.  I am having to g-nag those boys about protecting the floor, stairs and tiles, they just don't want too.  I am still fairly sure that the job foreman cannot read plans, he kept asking the architect questions to which he responded along the lines of, do you have the plans?  When I was talking to him the day before yesterday he was looking at them upside down......

They've already taken chunks of the roof off, I think before they consulted with the architect, pray it doesn't rain too much for me, m'kay?

I had to leave early, but the man showed up part way through.  The architect is planning on showing up really very often at this stage.  A good thing I think.

I also had one of those moments when you have to muzzle yourself and let a great joke die.  The man appeared at the job site, mid-meeting, quite unexpectedly.  He came in, said hi at which point I ran over to greet him and give him a hug with an air of surprise and delight.  I turned back to the conversation and while the architect was greeting him the foreman asked me if it was my husband.  For a brief second or two I was soooooo terribly tempted to say, "No, never seen him before, but he's really cute, no?"


Would have loved to have seen his face.

Ah well.

On another good note, looks like that big block of work that wasn't going to happen for me is back on the table again!  WOOT.

Better still, the man's workplace phoned him up last night and he will be working until at least June and maybe beyond.  Seems they need him.  Good, no?


Beth said...

You’re having a run on happy & good times, my dear! (With the exception of the man having been stranded in Canada…) Hope it continues!

J.G. said...

Quite a string of miracles for you! Can't wait to see the pictures on the garden and house in progress.

Just don't hug and kiss everyone who walks onto the job site, okay? Even if you may feel like it sometime, if you have any delays. :-)

Helen said...

Great - exciting times. Glad X is back

oreneta said...

Beth, we do seem to be at the moment....things are moving fast indeed.

JG, garden and house photos to come tomorrow, I am currently tooooo tired to even consider it.

Helen, indeed and thanks!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Very good. I'm so excited for you now that things are rolling on the house. I expect plenty of pictures, girlfriend.

oreneta said...

Photos coming up!