Sunday, April 25, 2010

how to

Spent almost all day in the garden today, working away and slogging through Paul Thereaux's Dark Star Safari.  Unbearably dull.  When I've been five days at a book and I'm still only half way through.  Bye bye.  Sad, I usually like his work.

On another note, we're planning on building a climbing wall in Youngest's room once we get there, so we were doing a little internet searching this morning about how to build them and where to buy the holds.

Youngest went to type in, 'how to build rock climbing wall' in the google search window.  I stopped her part way through as the most intriguing list of how to items came up.

how to tie a tie
how to kiss
how to lose weight fast
how to get pregnant
how to solve a rubix cube
how to get a girl to like you
how to make a website
how to write a resume
how to download youtube videos
how to make it in america

I am sorry, but this list amazes me.  The order of the items and what they are. Something to be pondered here on a lot of different levels.


Beth said...

A rock climbing wall!! Such a lucky young lady!

The “How to tie a tie” has been used here – frequently...

oreneta said...

Beth, I'll be in there using it too! I'll have to look at the how to tie a tie page, though I already know how to tie it, at least one of the knots.

Anonymous said...

ever heard of ? I'm sure you'd enjoy it a lot :p

oreneta said...

NO! but now I have!!!

have to
have to pee all the time
have to see movies
have to pay for facebook
have to drive lyrics
have to explode lyrics (???????)
have to pee by can't (poor thing)
have to see a man about a horse (the guy above should go here)
have to believe we are magic
have to pee (what's with all the pee??)
have to have it

Weird weird world out there, and I just found a new pastime!