Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A tiny little lesson in Catalan (swearing) Now you'll read on, no?

Real life again!

Meeting today with the architect and the first contractor who is now on deck again and a half - he could start today if we could.  It all went well.  We had been told we would get the license today, but no.  (This is Spain) The meeting was today and silly me, I thought that would include a decision.  So did the architect.

Friday or Monday.

Oh!  And we're missing a couple of bits of paper.  Claro.

The long-suffering architect is taking care of that anyway.

Good stuff I suppose.  When we get the actual license....Party!!!

When the guys appear on site......Oy oy oy, I will be one happy girl, for at least a little while anyway.

I am starting to dream of house-warming parties.  Talk about peaking early!

Heard a Catalan phrase today, 'estic fins als pebrots'.  It all went by quickly so I jotted it down to ask.  Pebrots is a colloquial and slightly more polite term for balls/nuts/yarbles....whatever.  So he 'was up to his nuts'  Can you carry this from here?  To busy or too fed up or simply overwhelmed.

They guy I asked got a good laugh too.  You can say, rather more crudely, 'estic fins als coyones' do I need to translate coyones?  Same meaning as pebrots but much ruder.  Much more polite is 'estic fins a dalt'  I am right up to the top.   In English we would trace an invisible line across our forehead and say we 'were up to here' with whatever is making us nuts (hahaha).

Seems the Catalans run out of patience when the water is much lower than for an anglo, no?


Beth said...

Thanks for the lesson. That phrase may come back to haunt you and/or come in handy when you’re “going nuts” during the reno!

Beth said...

So, apparently Catalans breathe through their manly bits?! They are, indeed, a breed *ahem* apart.

Good luck with the building craziness! I have been there and done all that and I know it's not fun.
We are still struggling a bit, but it's mostly with stuff we are trying to finish ourselves. We still have no floor!! Bleh!

J.G. said...

Interesting stuff! And progress, though it seems maddeningly slow. A license party sounds like a great idea!

"Up to my eyeballs" seems to be the near-drowning point in the American South. Plenty of other expressions mention the manly parts, though.

Reminds me of one of my favorite movies. The character's exit line is "Vaya con huevos, amigos." A Cuban friend explained that huevos is another word for cojones. So now I know.

Helen said...

Good luck and just keep your focus on the end result and having the house, getting past the middle as well as you can.

oreneta said...

Beth, I'm getting all ready to use it some time!

Beth, still no floors? The horror???

JG, I use up to my eyeballs, though I have to admit it has been a while, thanks for the reminder, and I am so going to have to ask if that vay con phrase is used here.

Helen, indeed....getting past the middle.