Friday, April 30, 2010

Diablo time

The devils were out playing again this evening.

The shirtless devil set the torches alight by blowing flame on them

They burned an effigy of the church, in front of the church, and torched the politicians with their words.

They made a whole lot of noise too.

Have to say, I loved it.


Beth said...

Picture # 2 looks like a painting.
As usual, strange and wondrous sights to behold in your neck of the woods!

oreneta said...

Thank you so much Beth! I thought that some of them had come out nicely.

Beth said...

Amazing photos!
They really give the flavor of the event, I think. Very evocative and mysterious!

oreneta said...

Not diabolical????

Anonymous said...

what are they celebrating exactly? Sounds like a very... impressive event to attend to

oreneta said...

because they can. wanna come sometime? I can let you know when they'll be doing it next.