Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well thank god for that.

Favoured contractor wasn't sending in his bid in a timely manner, which was producing a certain amount of, ah, tension on my part.  Indeed I found myself going to bed with the iPod on having laid there feeling angsty and frustrated for over an hour.  Listened to a book podcast and dozed right off, I was plenty tired.

Turns out he sent it to himself rather than to me.  Let's hope he's better with a hammer than a hard drive.

So.  Now we have a contractor chosen, or rather I do as the man is out of the race at the moment and I am handling this crap now.  Phoned the architect, he hasn't called back.

What right does he have to be busy with something else when I am trying to reach him, H.O.N.E.S.T.L.Y!

I am never, ever, ever unreasonable.


Oh, and I found the perfect thing, this is exactly what I need.


Beth said...

Of course, WE are never unreasonable – it’s everybody else. True!!

Don’t give yourself a concussion with that stress reduction kizmo!

Helen said...

I think we all need the stress reduction sometimes Less fattening than wine or chocolate

Nomad said...

Oh. My. GOD.

That is TOO hilarious.

Sent it to my man seems he is in dire need of one too.


oreneta said...

Never ever ever.

Helen, so true! And better than yelling at the kids, no?

Nomad, hope he likes it! How are your stress levels? The ashes may just ground both our least yours isn't facing a long swim, no?