Monday, April 19, 2010

Whoa!! I am tired!!!

The guys showed up!

They also promptly broke the latch on the front door.  Ho hum.  It will ultimately be thrown out anyway.

Still....good news to see tools arriving, no?

LOVELY lunch with youngest in the garden, sat in the sun and was stupendous...and we put in some flowers I had bought all the while admiring the fact that there were no builders supplies in the garden, only in the house!!!

Something else I discovered.  Not only is the bed chillier when the man isn't here, but I think I don't roll over often enough.  That sounds crazy, but here's the backstory.  I am a really fairly heavy sleeper.  I can easily have a three hour nap and wake up in the exact same position I went to sleep in.  Exact.

The man however is a light sleeper who snorts and blows and rolls around...gets up to pee, checks his get the picture I imagine.

Well, with the man away my right shoulder has been getting progressively more and more sore and I think what is happening is that I am simply not being roused as much and so I am not rolling over as often as I do when he is here.  Not that I normally wake up, but he probably disturbs me enough that I shift.  I had fairly painful shoulder problems on the boat, I chalked it up to steering, but we didn't share a bunk there and it's making me wonder now if that was the problem there too.  I think in the summers I simply don't sleep enough to get sore.  Simply not enough hours in bed to work up any aches.


Just for the sake of it, I checked to see what it would cost to get the man out of Canada and back to BCN tomorrow wuth another airline on another route.  They wanted $4,255!!!!!

The profiteering rotten buggers.  Remind me never to fly with them.


Beth said...

Maybe you should let Chuck sleep with you? ;)

Mark this momentous day on your calendar - the work has begun!! But sad that your husband isn't there to witness it.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That's an expensive shoulder fix. And have you heard about the ash? Flights are suspended in Canada too with ash headed our way. I like Beth's suggestion of inviting Chuck in. Of course, once he's in, he's not going to give up the sweet spot easily.

J.G. said...

I was wondering if the Man was stranded because of the ash. Guess it's good that he wasn't caught in the middle somewhere. Maybe a daily lunch in the garden would make your shoulder feel better til he gets home.

oreneta said...

Yeah, it's a biggie...they are even knocking things down today!

Yeah Bodhi, the ash is headed to Canada too....never dull.

JG, I think a daily lunch in the garden would be just the thing!