Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday's work....sunrise

Hi there!

Had to work this morning, but before heading out I went over to the much quieter house while the sun was coming up.  I like the way the architecture is shaping up in her room, some interesting geometric lines forming up.

She also has a most impressive view of the sunrise these days.

Impressive, no?

Staff meeting today.  One of the other teachers suggested that we, essentially, rewrite the text books, but when asked what she was planning on doing for her next class, and when given the option of doing most anything at all ie. writing her own little bit of curriculum, she decided that was too much work altogether and took the books to prep her class.
Guess it's not quite the same if someone else is doing the curriculum than if you have to do it yourself.



Beth said...

What do those brown wooden doors lead to in her room? Some sort of built-in cupboard?
This will be such a unique home to live in!

Beth said...

That picture of the doorway is amazing! I'd expect to see it in an art gallery, really. I love it!

As for that teacher- sounds like she has a big mouth and a small work ethic. Funny how often that seems to be the case....

Anonymous said...

Great picture and I love your canvas, too! The more I see of your house, the more in love I am with it!

oreneta said...

Beth, the brown doors lead into Youngest's room, and they will be shifted before we're finished. The doors at the back are her window onto the street, they too will be replaced by aluminum windows that actually keep the wind out and don't need to be repainted every six months. Hopefully it will still be lovely when we are finished.

Beth, Thanks a lot about the picture. The work ethic, yeah, I kind of blew that one off. Honestly. What a mouthpiece.

Carla, I am delighted to hear that. I little polishing of the dream is a good thing from time to time.

Beth said...

Ah, they open to a window...thanks!