Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiss kiss update

I have been kisskissed these days.

My boss, but not her sister who is the office admin.  None of the teachers I work with in English, but the one who I always talk to in Catalan.  My closest buddy here.  The architect and yesterday's builder.  None of my students, neither adults nor kids.  The husband of my compatriot at work, though he does most times he sees me as in a couple of times a week.  An ex-student and a random person I know in the street.

Still ain't got this one down.  Fascinating looking at it though.

No rhyme or reason I can find anywhere.


Beth said...

Maybe there are no rules? It’s all personal preference? If so, you’ll never get the hang of it!
Do you wonder if you’re offending anyone by not offering the kiss kiss?

oreneta said...

Beth, NOW I have more to worry about!!! Good LORD I may be offending folks by failing to do so too!!!!


Anonymous said...

not sure about cataluna, but in France, you don't offend by not offering. You can only offend by refusing. That's the "privilege of the foreigner".
Commonly accepted joker when refusing: "sorry, can't do that, I've got cooties/germs/laryngities/necrosis/insert_contagious_disease_here".

oreneta said...

Ahhhh, so there is an out for when yucky creepy men want to kiss kiss you! Maybe in a village the insert-a-disgusting-disease option wouldn't be the best though. Stick with he flu or something, no?

At least we foreigners have some priviledges!