Thursday, April 1, 2010


The man and I took the dog for a four and a half hour walk today.  Yummy.

Started out a bit inauspiciously, me cranky, the man realising I hadn't eaten and feeding me, and then rain.  That all improved though enormously.

Then a bath and a nap.  I have been struggling to get a bathtub in the new house, and we have one.  I don't have a bath often, but when I want one I really really want one.

I swear this has been the holiday of the nap.  Honestly.  I'm sleeping ten or eleven hours every night plus a two + hour nap every day and I still feel sleepy.  Not tired, but sleepy if you can see the difference there.

Went over to a friend's house to scan and send some plans to contractor number 1 and had a hilarious conversation comparing Catalan, Spanish and English swearing.  Rich and varied.  Though the Catalans seem the nicest of the lot.   A little crude in day to day conversation, but not nearly so harsh when they argue.  There has to be a point in there somewhere.

Off for a few days, posting likely to be irregular or non-existent.  Happy chocolate days!


Beth said...

I guess your body is playing catch-up. If I went for a four and a half hour walk, I wouldn't be tired or sleepy - I'd be exhausted!

I love that picture - creepy/wonderful.

Happy Chocolate Days to you, too!

Beth said...

4 1/2 hour walk? that's torture!!!! ;) I LOVE taking baths...LOVELOVELOVE it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous holidays you're having - looking at your canvas a day and the photo makes me happy! GM

Anonymous said...

I am really sleepy lately and wondering if it is the winter to spring thing... nevertheless, big fan of Nanna Naps.

I often think about German swear words (hmm not sure that came out right) they don't really have all that many - the younger generation seem to prefer to swear in English (hearing Young Turks on the train talking aloud in a fantastic mix of Turkish/German/English swearing... makes me giggle...Mr Dear Husband suggested that me laughing at them will get me knifed one day)

On the whole - Germans don't swear in everyday conversation - well not as much as Australian's do.

Just found out that Mr Dear Husband is coming home Sunday Lunch time... Yeeeehaaa!!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Happy chocolate days! Psst. Take a nap for me.

oreneta said...

Beth, I was happy to sit down at the end of it all...

Beth, with you, that's why we're getting a tub.

GM, lovely holiday, glad the photos make you happy!

Lulu! The Germans don't swear much! REALLY!!! Weird. Glad to hear that hubby is coming home soon.

Hula, I'll try!