Thursday, April 29, 2010

Progress on the house

I like this stage, things are going very very quickly.  The guys managed to put in the bulk of the roof over Youngest's room...well, this is rather illusory as they have more to fill in, plus a mesh of rebar and then concrete, plus filling in the holes in the walls.  Nonetheless, the change is impressive.

Looking up from Youngest's room:

This will someday be the terrace, with a higher wall and fewer bricks lying around.

Remember that view down the hallway that I painted as well, with the window at the end?  This is what it looked like last night. Not sure it would still looks like this now.  Guys are FAST.

More anon.

Amazing, no?  Makes me pretty happy.

Plus today, with the terrace sorta kinda floored, (don't step on the red bits, only on the skinny white bits) we got up there and had a look around......look-y!  We've got a pretty good view of some of the mountains.....

and we can see the sea!!!!  Or we would be able to see it much better if it weren't so hazy.  The view of the sea isn't as good as at the apartment, but we can get a look, and that is good.

happy days to you all folks,



Beth said...

Wow! It is coming along quickly. I'm actually quite excited - you're not the only one who's been waiting for this! ;)

Helen said...

It is looking great!

Trish said...

this is going to be such a lovely home when it is done; i'm delighted for you.

oreneta said...

Today was a little slower, the delivery of the rebar was late so they had to put off pouring the concrete till Monday...still, they are going gangbusters, which is very very good.

Helen, I think so too!

Trish, thanks...I hope it will be.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Isn't it great when things start coming together. After all you've been through with the "help", I'm happy you are starting to feel like you are going to live there one day! Those diablo fires would freak me out. Beautiful shades of glow though, I will give it that.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, it is nice when it starts to coming together....the diablos are a whole lot of fun though, honestly, really loud and kinda dangerous but way way fun.