Friday, April 23, 2010

house photos, first week, destruction phase!

Bloglines has been down a couple of days and it has made me realise that I need to update my google blog list on the side there.  Feeling lonely over here!

OK, onto the house photos!  I may just put a link up to some albums 'cause this might get boring fast...or not.

This used to be a bathroom, now it, well, I think the guys are still using it, but I wouldn't want to.

This used to be the roof to Youngest's room, now her room is very bright and airy.  Sadly these beautiful beams have got to go, they are completely rotten and there is nothing holding them up but habit.  I was really fairly sad about that till I thought about sleeping under them.  That's when I came to terms with the loss.  I can hear them using the chainsaw on them from the apartment.  Kinda bugging me, but what can we do.

This is looking down into Eldest's room, the loft has been partially removed, it will later be completely replaced.  As you can see the upper part of the wall dividing Eldest's room from the rest of the house has been removed.

Flowers we've put out in the garden....

Youngest's lettuce patch:

More to follow I imagine, I believe they are removing those beautiful beams today!  As I now have a copy of the key, photos should be a little easier, no?

Happy St. Jordi's day, may you get a book and a rose!


Beth said...

A shame about those beams - they're beautiful.
Keep the pictures coming!

(As for Bloglines - try using Google Reader - far more reliable)

J.G. said...

Sigh. All things have a lifespan, even those beautiful beams. It's too bad, though.

The big eye on the wall of eldest's room is very intriguing.

May you get a book and a rose, too! What a lovely custom. I may have to buy my own but who cares?

Trish said...

omgosh i would die if my place were under a construction phase; i'm too much of a control freak, and would probably attempt to "help' hurry the workers along - def. wouldn't be a good thing. It will all be worth it for you though when your house turns out gorgeous. hang in there. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog posts; i love them comments people leave as it verifies that people actually read it.

Anonymous said...

great pictures. That's a very intimate bathroom you have there ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I also enjoy your painting of the beams.... perfect!

I can't wait to follow the process with you....

Helen said...

How exciting!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I hate that the beams have to go, but I guess they must. JG is right, that eyeball is intriguing. I find this all very exciting. Of course, I'm not the one living with the demolition. I know how trying that is.

mmichele said...

Thanks for sharing. Glad that I cannot taste the plaster dust. I have had enough of that flavour in my life!

oreneta said...

Beth, I started out with Google reader, but it kept letting me bloglines is a wee bit squirrelly.... what can you do.

JG, Eldest drew the big eye...that's where it came from. Got four roses, and no book...though I bought one for any of us in general.

Trish, I am delighted to get to the destruction/construction phase, it has been a loooong time coming.

ElP, yeah, I'm not too sure how they work that out....not my problem though. Glad to know they left on in though and they aren't just peeing in the sink.

Carla, there are several months more progress to follow.

Helen, indeed. 'Bout time too.

Hula, right now the demo is so very welcome. I was quite delighted by the beams at first too, death by caving in roof is not so fun though. Helps you come to terms with these things.

Mmichele....not living there too much yet....and it's only the first week....more to come for sure.