Saturday, April 17, 2010

The garden

The construction guy, when walking past the garden in the front of the new house, sized it up and said he could use that space for tools and working and mixing stuff.

I said no.

"OK", he said, "I'll just store stuff there."

Today I bought a gate.

I also bought three meter-square bits of deck.  Part of the plan tomorrow is to go down and do me a bit of gardening.  Part of the plan Monday morning is to go and get me some plants and do a little more gardening.  I'll also put a table and some chairs in there.

I also will not be trimming back the enormous spiky prickly sharp and poke-y rose from the entryway.

Think that'll be clear enough?

I love it when I can get the environment to do the talking and I don't have to face the argument myself.

Especially when it makes my garden more beautiful too.


Boo and Trev said...

Well, the environment has had plenty to say for itself over the last few days! Things are definitely happening if he's talking about tools thought! Yay!

J.G. said...

Non-verbal communication can be very effective! :-)

Helen said...

COngrats on needing to keep the builder off the garden - progress!

Spiky roses are good as a deterrent

oreneta said...

Yeah, Mama nature lets out a couple of toots and we're frozen right up solid. Let's see what happens tomorrow, though I have been warned it won't be much as he has to buy supplies and bring them to the house.

JG, I like it.

Helen....Let's see if my ploy works first!