Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Nona our friend's dog was over this morning, which is fine, until she threw up.

That was a little nastier.  Fortunately Eldest got her off the couch before anything vile happened there.

Here's the thing though.  I have been feeling fairly terrible every time I use bleach for the last very long time and now we have run out.  That said, a certain amount of disinfectant is necessary in this life, and when faced with this mess an, ahhh, unusual idea struck me.  A couple of years ago someone gifted the man with a bottle of really cheap and terrible Spanish made whisky.  It has never been opened, till this morning.

Have you ever washed your floor with whisky?

It leaves a nice shine behind when it's done, evaporates away, not sticky and much better for the marine world than bleach.

What guests will think about the left-over smell is another issue.  Good to keep the dogs out of it till it's dry too, no?


Beth said...

Wish I'd known that trick when Major was still with us. Still, good to know. I've been doing some dog-sitting lately for the older two. (In training for the grandma thing!)

Helen said...

If they start licking the floor a lot you will know they are developing a taste for the whisky.

J.G. said...

It probably smells better than vinegar (although I personally like the smell of vinegar), plus it will keep everyone guessing what you're been up to!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ha! I would have thought it would leave a sticky film because of the concentrated sugar. Are you sure you didn't lick it dry?

Nomad said...

Lemon juice is a very nice (and good smelling) alternative.


:-P gag reflexes cool down...something about dog vomit and whisky...urrgh....

Anonymous said...

don't worry about the smell. Instead, start wearing an eyepatch when you have guests. And say "ARRRRH" a lot.

Beth said...

I might just start using your creative cleaning tip. With my house always smelling like whiskey, nobody will notice if I eventually become an alcoholic.
Not that I'm planning on it, but it's good to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey- never thought of that! I also just have to ask, is bleach not available or do you prefer something greener?

oreneta said...

Beth, like they're in training for the parent thing, no?

Helen, it's REALLY bad whisky....

JG, different from vinegar anyway...does vinegar disinfect?

Bodhi, maybe when I wasn't looking, but no, no stickiness at all.

Nomad, I do agree with you on the lemon juice, but I remain unconvinced of it's disinfecting properties.

ElP! YOU RULE, that is Soooo completely what I have got to do!

Beth, leaving the options open is always a good thing!

Carla, bleach is available and very widely used, but it is quite gravely harmful for marine environments where it heads as it goes down our drain. Very nasty stuff.