Monday, November 29, 2010


Need we say more?


Barca - Madrid, 5 − 0,  Good day tomorrow too, everyone will be happy.

Did anything else happen today?  Hard to say.  I am sidelined from running for a bit cause of a wee bit of pain, google medicine and I think it may be a hamstring origin issue.  Drs to be consulted.  Frustration to say the least.  I was starting to think about a 5k.  Ho hum.

Lots of other little things, but that'll do.



J.G. said...

Sorry to hear about the hamstring. Time to rest a bit so it doesn't get worse. (No soccer for you!)

Mother Theresa said...

I'm not into the soccer thing, so it doesn't matter to me who won, but I'm glad to hear you're happy. The hamstring thing doesn't sound nice at all...I hope it'll be better soon so you can get back to running.

oreneta said...

JG, a most unwelcome rest.

Mother T, it's fun here with Barça, the enthusiasm is so catching! Thanks for the best wishes.