Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The kitchen and clothes.

Ooooh, the kitchen is almost where I could consider putting some photos up.  We're cleaning up the tiles and all the counters and shelves are in, we are missing some hooks and we have to get a couple more lights up, then PHOTOS!

The man and I have been working busily (I have to say that the man more than I) at getting lights and curtains up in Youngest's room.  Nothing like visitors for motivation.  She now has a full complement of lights and as of this evening, curtains.  She no longer has to crouch on the floor to change.  A relief I am sure.  The fact that the curtains don't match is neither here nor there.  You see, we brought a lot of our old curtains from Canada with us to Spain, on the premis that we like them a lot and we might as well reuse them.  The only problem is that Youngest's room is the only one that needs curtains, so now we have something of a surplus.

She got the pick of the crop and chose the ones that hung in her room when she was tiny in Toronto!  However,  her old room has only one window and this has two.  Solution?  I went into BCN and got some fabric that matches the basic colour of the curtains.  We're going to cut each curtain in half, giving us four rather than two, and then we are going to sew a stripe of the new solid colour on the outside of each panel.  (I use we most broadly, a friend of mine here who is a seamstress is going to sew them)   Hope they look nice.  I think they will anyway.

On another note, the girls and I went into BCN on Sat to visit the Picasso Museum.  On the way back, I bought a little bit of something for myself!  Look!

Got this skirt at my favourite used clothing place...the colours look all weird, I took the photo at night and it is strange looking here.  I adore it though.  Eldest has the matching jacket, and covets this, though she would never wear it and it's MINE.

The area around the Picasso Museum is very very pricey, so when I saw this is a store window I thought there was no hope.  Hundreds of Euros...but no!  Very affordable and I adore it.  It is a felted wool or wool-like material, and is toasty warm, except that it lacks sleeves!

Happy girl.


J.G. said...

The curtains plan sounds very inventive and I'm thinking it will turn out just great. Personalized and everything.

Do I foresee a skinny turtleneck sweater under that artsy jumper dress?

(Have a happy day tomorrow, even if it's not Thanksgiving over there.)

Jason, as himself said...

Picasso Museum? You're living the life!

oreneta said...

JG, I'm thinking they will....hopefully. The skinny turtleneck, very nearly. We don't have heat yet, so more like a big fat turtleneck and an undershirt....

Jason, yeah, life has it's good moments.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Katrina said...

You've got to admit, those both look like items I would wear...I really must come for a shopping trip one of these days.