Sunday, November 21, 2010


Youngest and I went off today with a big group from the village, it was spectacular, and really quite cold.

It was really very cold and windy at the top, but still better than this.


Anonymous said...

It hasn't hit Toronto,but good old Canadian Football playoffs are in snow and negative number weather. Vancouver had snow and below freezing. They aren't used to it. Looks like you had a wonderful hike, even if cold
Sea dog

Anonymous said...

Awesome sky there! How long was the hike to the top?

oreneta said...

Sea dog, It was a wonderful hike, Youngest would have been warmer if she hadn't fallen in a creek at the beginning of the hike. Lessons were learned about always bringing spare socks and mitts, which we had, the value of a plastic bag between your dry sock and wet shoe, and to not cross creeks more than once. She crossed, then fell coming back just because she could (despite her mother telling her not to), then didn't fall on the third and final crossing. Good thing too as we didn't have that many socks. She ate most of the lunch on the snack break to fuel the fire to keep her warm as well. Suspect I had a net caloric loss over the day after that.

ElP, it was a 'family' hike so the pace was not, shall we say, strained and the route roundabout to see the hermitage and a monastery so we took about three hours going up? Maybe four, and about an hour coming down. Though we were all bloody freezing by then, and we managed to get in with a group of experienced mountaineers who were going down pretty much as fast as they could, and as the fog was thick enough that we couldn't see the next trail marker from the one we were at, we stuck with them till we got back on familiar territory. We made a very fast decent!

Good fun

If you look at some of that sky closely, some of it contains sea, some clouds over land and some Pyranese mountains. IT was lovely.

J.G. said...

Impressive views, but I like the rocks-and-plants close-up the best. Hooray for texture!

oreneta said...

Youngest got me to take that picture, trust her to see the beauty in the details too.