Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleep-over, Spanish and loading

Eldest is having a sleep-over this evening, there are four of them in there in total, and I have to say that if it goes like this every time, they can sleep-over every single week.  Truly a delightful group of kids, it is now 12:30 and I think I am the only one still awake in the house.


I take that back.  Two of them just reappeared and are trying to make off with my computer!  Nasty things.  I may just let them, but the canvas for today will have to be posted tomorrow.

Ah well.  They're still good kids.

I got a comment, be e-mail, that my blog is EXTREMELY slow to load.  How many of you out there are having problems with that?  Is it something I need to tackle?  It loads for me in, under a second, maybe a full second....but that may not be typical, if you could let me know if you're having problems, I'd appreciate it.

One last item.  The man and I are taking Spanish classes.  He is WAY better than me, so I had a chat with the teacher that we should do what he needs to learn and I will pick up what I can as we go along, he needs the Spanish to try and get work, I don't need it at all, I just find I am embarrassed that I cannot speak any better.  Sort of how I learned Catalan too, by hope and necessity.  Trying to get it to all come together.  What I need to do more than anything else, now,  is try and speak it.



Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Your blog seems to load just fine for me - takes a few seconds but nothing that would cause me to be impatient. Might be individuals' ISP's.

Hmm, we are also taking Spanish, via Rosetta Stone. We just started about 2 weeks ago and it is really part-time, like every 2nd or 3rd day. We should probably be on it more but no rush. Good Luck with your language course!! And have fun with it!

aska said...

Loads like the wind for me - I'm starting French again....
elder son today said " I love the n in nina and espana.. with the little squiggly accent on top to make it (soft) n .." yes - he is 8 years old - he doesn't speak Spanish - only 3 other languages ... now I know he is blessed with my husbands language brain - lucky him - wish I had it..

Mother Theresa said...

You let your kids use your computer? Mine better not even touch mine! They have the good old family one for that. :D

Your blog loads fine for me. Maybe the guy that e-mailed you has a slow connection.

J.G. said...

No loading problems here. (Not much Spanish, anymore, either.)

oreneta said...

Thank you everyone for your comments about loading time. Helpful.

Doug, good luck to you both as well! There are loads of free resources on the internet as well....for listening and reading.

Aska, 'Elder son', how grammatically correct of you! Glad he's got his father's ear, it's a handy thing. Though three languages at his age can only help!

Mother T, normally...not so often.

JG, head down to Miami for a weekend, that should give your Spanish some practice without trying too hard, and you could eat well too!

Anonymous said...

no particular problem for me. But I'm using an RSS reader, so when I go to your blog, it's always for just the entry that you wrote, not the home page. If your email came from someone with a 56K connection, or a not so quick ADSL, it can be a bother. You could try installing "Yslow" for Firefox and see what takes most of the time to load. Probably not much you can do, but it could/may tell you "this particular thingamajig you put there is gonna take ages to load"

Helen said...

No problems for me when my system is working ok.

oreneta said...

ElP, since it seems to be only one person who's having problems I am not sure my blog is the issue, though that sounds like a pretty cool gadget to try out! May give it a run for the fun of it.

Helen, thanks!