Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The living room.

The living room.  It is getting to where it is worth a picture.  Almost looks like someone lives here!


The shot above is actually in the kitchen.  The inaugural fire in the fireplace!  Started small, but was delightful!

View from back to front.  The doors at the end are brand new.  The shelving on the right serves to hide the million and one electrical panels that are all in one wall.  Pretty!

Living room from the base of the stairs, you can see the old door through the new.  You can just glimpse a big barrel-shaped bin behind the red chair.  I bought it JUST for the kids to dump their knapsacks in so I don't have to look at them, and they can find them.  Know what?  It works a CHARM.

Chuck approves of the new carpet.  We have some extra chairs, so they are tucked in the space under the stairs for now.  See what happens next.

Multiple hidden electrical panels, new lights, the thermostat thoughtfully placed in a central position cause we all want to look at that in the living room.  Can you tell I don't love the electrician?

View from the landing.  The black blob on the right is the bench where we can take off and put on our shoes, it also serves as dining room table seating, should we ever need it.  We also each have a black basket under the bench where we each store our shoes.  Handy and out of site.  The coats on the coat tree will go outside the inner door when the area is not full of butane tanks and we have gas + HEAT.  Chuck still likes the carpet.  

We hadn't quite planned on a red couch, but Ikea was out of navy blue and it was an indefinite wait.  I am not good at indefinite waits.  We got red.

So, that's the living room anyway.

More photos as rooms come together further.


J.G. said...

Oh, this is FAB! Just like one of those design magazines. I love the contrast of old (barrel vaulted ceiling, etc.) and new (Ikea, etc.). I predict the red couch will grow on you. It gives a nice punch in the photos. Well, that and the thermostat. :-)

J.G. said...

Phooey, my smiley got fractured. Oh well.

Beth said...

The house looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

And that red sofa rock my world!

Mar said...

Congrats on your beautiful house!! lovely decoration. I hear you about the electrician, ours called us "doctors" because we wanted white plugs and sockets installed instead of the red and gold he brought along...

Helen said...

It looks fabulous. I can't believe how brilliant it looks. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now this TV program will definitely want your house on their show. Are you happy now? ;)

Anonymous said...

SO wonderful! Now we must come for a visit to inspect! And of coures would love you to do the same here!
X's and O's Twiceinabluemoon

Boo and Trev said...

Wow it looks brilliant! Chuck looks as if you've put him there because he looks good.
When are you open for visitors?