Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boat show

We went off to the Barcelona Boat show today, and it was a stunning display of the financial woes of Spain at the moment.

I last went two years ago, just as the whole crisis was emerging.  There were boats clear around the entire old harbour.  Kilometers of them.  There was even a boat doing ferry service from one end to the other to save you time and energy.  There were hundreds of people and many many exhibitors.

Not this time.  Two short sides of the harbour.  Almost no one there.  The only booths with a real crowd had large screen TVs showing the finals of the Formula 1 racing.

There were very very few people.

Sad, honestly.

That said, the man and I had a lovely time.  Warm sunny day, a nice walk through BCN, there was a whole lot of swell in the harbour and the docks had the most amazing wave action to them...something to make you want to study the physics of the whole thing.  Most of the boats we saw there are not ones I'd like to have, to be honest, but there were a couple that were more what I would like.

A lovely sunny Sunday day.

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J.G. said...

Luxury goods have got to be a tough sell these days.