Saturday, November 6, 2010

Painting painting painting

Not what you were maybe thinking...I was painting the walls of the terrace!

One is mostly done, a lovely rich deep blue.  I do adore blue.  I didn't realise this quite so clearly till the kids pointed out that every time we're at museums or art galleries I consistently exclaim over paintings with a lot of strong blue in them.  What can I say.

There is also some green going up.  I was thinking a sage kind of green, but it is coming out of the can rather more pistachio.  Putting it on anyway, better than concrete grey and it is cheery.  At our house in TO we got one colour that was not quite what we had in mind and it turned out to be our favourite, so we'll have to wait and see.

You can just see a corner of the blue in this picture that youngest took today!

Gonna go check the forecast and see what my chances are.

Oh, and I rearranged my painting space again...the man built some shelving in our pantry - that sounds grander than it is - and so now I have more storage...and a space for tea.



Anonymous said...

ELDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELDEST TOOK THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!! Good lord, mom.

Mother Theresa said...

I love the's going to look great when it's finished. And that blue painting on the easel...fabulous. I love blue too. :)

oreneta said...

Sorry Eldest....Youngest was handed the camera earlier and asked to take some photos!

Mother T...Glad you like the one on the easel, it's one of three big ones in progress....Blue somehow just makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

ooooh a tea spot for your tea pot :)

J.G. said...

Those are some great blues you've got going on there.

oreneta said...

ElP...Precisely! wonder I loved the Bahamas, blue as far as the eye could see!