Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why is it that

Why is it that the books we don't like so much take so much longer to read?

I mean I know why, they just don't call out to me, so I find I do something else rather than read them.  They aren't quite bad enough to quit, but.... well, I find I do other things.

A shame that way isn't it, and the great ones?  Done in a couple of hours.  The kids are hungry and whining and the dog's got his legs crossed at the end of it, but what the heck, it's a great book, why not!


Kim said...

I've noticed that too. Recently (in my convalescence) finished The Help which was wonderful, even with my lack of attention. I'm doing Foreign Affairs at the moment which is OK but... perhaps a bit dated which is not a good sign for fabulous fiction. I'm not even going to pretend that I can catch up on the last week with blog reading but I do rather like your canvas today - it's very, er, Mediterranean. Perhaps you were inspired by your house, your surroundings. Love the splashes of green and blue and ochre. Nicely, nicely done.

Katrina said...

I gave up on The Life of Pi again today (at page 136). I've tried to read it once or twice before but I think I won't try again. Hopefully I'll find something next that can lead to some neglected dependents.

J.G. said...

I hear you! But a book I don't like sure helps me clear out the magazine backlog.

Trish said...

Yeah, funny that.

Books do strange things to my sense of time.

Mother Theresa said...

Oh yeah, that happens to me too...but if I'm bored enough, I do give up. Funny about what Katrina said, I actually really liked The Life of Pi... :)