Monday, November 15, 2010

Can't say I'm not doing my bit.

If the Spanish economy suddenly starts to improve, you'll be the first to know why.

I am hoping I can stop shopping soon.  Really soon.

I hate shopping.

I went to IKEA today.  I am so over IKEA.


I got the man a mobile, cause he always has mine and it's bugging me.

Got Eldest a new handset cause hers was dying.  Touch no less. Can you say happy camper?

Went to the food for foreigners Chinese shop for vital supplies and went to a fabric store for material to complete Youngest's curtains.  Even got a friend lined up to make them as I haven't got a machine!

That said, I still have the BIG grocery shop to do, that happens about once a month.  I am putting it off as long as I can.  Save money that way, and it helps with rotating stock, as in we've eaten all the old stuff before we get any new.

Hate shopping.

Hate it.


Anonymous said...

ya...too IKEA is fun for about the first half hour, new place, new stuff all very exciting... then it gets all hot, and tiring, and expensive....and really old...really quick...
Not so much fun with no car either....

J.G. said...

I like IKEA but only in small doses. Say, once or twice a year?

On the other hand, grocery shopping is more fun, as long as there's no rush. Hope you are done soon!

Mother Theresa said...

I like the names of things at there, not so much. But grocery shopping, that's even worse and I have to do that much more often. Well, hope you're done soon .