Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today I:

taught for 5 hours straight
came home
dealt with kid issues
did 45 min of Spanish homework
ate lunch and walked the dog (that was about 20 min)
an hour and a half of Spanish class
taught for another 5 hours
came home and hung with the man for a delightful hour
did a translation
worked some stuff out for my work in Canada
did one painting

and there ain't nothing left in me but this list.

hope you had a good one, 



Kim said...

I have to ask - where do you find the time? 10 hours of teaching PLUS everything else you mentioned? You're me new hero.

oreneta said...

Kim, if you could imagine the near flatline of my mental activity at the moment I wouldn't be your hero, I'd just be yet another adrenaline junkie suffering the payback.