Monday, November 8, 2010

Thoughts on running

Not like I'm any kind of expert or anything, but it does interest me how a fair amount of it is a head game.

My head wasn't really in the game today.  I went the distance, in reasonable time, but I kept finding myself walking, even when I really wasn't out of breath.  Kinda like my heart wasn't quite into it.

I also kept wanting to check out the scenery, which is a good thing, but risky to do when running on trails. Then Chuck wanted me to throw pine cones....

then then then

I was walking again.


It wasn't in the legs or lungs. A whole lot of it is in the head.  Certainly the same can be said for racing sailboats, though in quite a different way.  And not, there is a certain element of single-minded focus that wasn't turning up today.

Try again later, no?

MUST get the wifi locked, and it is super complicated, and I need a repeater, I get a completely crappy signal up in the painting room and it makes it all super s-l-o-w.

To do list gets a little longer!!


elpadawan said...

Better you throwing pine cones for Chuck than Chuck throwing pine cones at you to keep you running, no?

and why the need to lock the Wi-Fi? Are neighbours stealing your 0s and 1s?

Mother Theresa said...

What, you have people with laptops outside your house piggybacking your signal? I actually saw this happen to a neighbor of ours. There were a couple of teenage girls with one of those small notebook computers sitting in front of their house tapping the wi-fi.

J.G. said...

Definitely a head game. Sometimes I think the head is the key to everything.

"If we think we can, we can."

"Your thoughts make your reality."


All that sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo, except (yikes) it's pretty darn true.

oreneta said...

Boo and Trevor said:

Hi O, if you can get your wi-fi to a higher point in the house (like upstairs) you may find the signal covers the house better. If you need general advice on security let me know - most of these devices have an option for remote admin, so if you want me to have a look then let me know - but use a separate channel (like text message or email) to exchange any sensitive info).


oreneta said...

ElP, Well, the neighbours are getting on and using the signal, and slowing it down a whole lot...I think. It coincides with school lunchtime often which makes me suspect a certain amount of gaming is going on, also they all say it should be locked for security.....also, I am paying for ME to have high speed access, not someone else.

Mother T, no, but there are enough places close enough that they could use it. We didn't have the problem at the apt down the street, but here, yes.

JG, the little engine that could all over again, no? Yeah, my little engine felt like slowing down and smelling the flowers.

Trev...I may need you to, it is phenomenally complicated to understand. You know the type, looks like English, sounds like English, but it is in fact computerese, and half the words live in an alternative universe and I don't have the passport. As far as shifting the router goes, I can't, we only paid to have one phone jack installed. In the age of mobiles it didn't seem to make much sense to do anything else, till now.

I'll look into what I may need to see if you can help...I think I need it.

elpadawan said...

Makes sense. Here the only neighbours that could try to steal the signal are too far from the modem, and are the in-laws anyways. And since all computers are in the same room, I've actually disabled WiFi altogether here. The less waves the better. If you're worried about waves, by the way, you can always try things like PLC (Power Lines Communication), which allows you to use the electrical wiring in your house as a network wiring as well.

oreneta said...

Oh, ElP...PLC looks super interesting! May have to look into that, though the waves don't worry me that much.....