Friday, January 7, 2011



Well that was worth the trip to Paris all by itself, and we've gone to the Louvre as well to boot!

Nomad and I went off to the Basquait exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  DIED and went to heaven.  Not only was it unutterably fantastic, completely up the alley of what I am doing and thinking these days, totally moving and amazing but I went with Nomad who talked with me about art and what we were looking at the whole way through and what is NOT to love about every single stinking moment of that?!?!?!?!?!?!

We also managed to see a movie about his life, which was fascinating, though I was mostly fascinated by watching him in the studio.

His life: short, fast, intense, died young of drugs.  Old story.

The work was amazing, big loose, tight, mad, wild, colourful and mind bending.  LOVED it every last bit.

My take-aways from that day, though these may evolve:

Paint BIG

Paint loose

Paint layered

Paint like you don't give a f*ck

a bigggggg sketchbook


Bigger brushes

Looser wetter paint


I'm so going to have to start painting much much bigger and soon.  Some tarps may be called into play.  Heheheheeeee

But now I'm home I find I am penjada.  I am hung between.  I have no book I'm reading, I have no painting I'm working on, I have no materials for moving forward with what inspired me and I feel like I'm floating.  (No jet lag, so no excuse there).

So much imput and I am processing I imagine. (hope).  It was AMAZING to get to talk art with Nomad, something I just don't get to do much.  I am looking at art mag subscriptions, but what I need to do is paint.

and paint and paint and paint and create.

Gardened a bunch today so I got my feet on the ground, walked in the mountains so I got my body down here too.  Now, just to get my head sorted!  Visit to the art store tomorrow?  Mayhap.

Gotta get my head back in the space.  Maybe tomorrow.

.....later.....things improving.  I now have 5 books I want to read and two painting ideas.  Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

Yes yes and more yes.
Amazing, and equally cathartic for me!
Thanks so much for taking the time, it was really really great!

Cannot wait to see what we BOTH come up with.
lets also talk about the drawing project soon.
We could totally go big with this as well either in a roll or in sections(might also be interesting for editing.

One lasting element of Basquait's success that keep sticking in my mind is how he was channelling his environment, and how to do the same. I must confess to feeling rather depressed about his demise.


Kim said...

Wheeeee! I be so inspired! Go girl and don't stop! I'm so excited for you and to see what comes of this. You do know about Connie's BIG class, right?

Kim said...

Here is the link to Connie's "Big" painting class - sounds like it's just your ticket AND it looks like the next class begins tomorrow (January 9):

Let me know if you decide to take it. I would love to but probably next session - I'm trying to not overload myself so I actually have the time to do what I want and need to do.

I'll look into the bread books too. I was always terrible at kneading but I do love the smell of fresh bread in the house.

oreneta said...

Nomad, it was fabulous for me as well, had a simply WONDERFUL time and the highlight of the whole thing was getting to talk art art and more art with you, well and seeing such wonderful work as well, of course.

Kim, it is exciting to be excited about work, isn't it.

I will wait a bit for the workshop, post Xmas, there isn't too much spare around here! Kneading bread isn't too difficult, kinda meditative in fact! I always loved it, I'll have to get back to it in fact.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

It is exciting to hear how excited you are. I feel inspired just reading this...and I haven't painted in years.

oreneta said...

But you have been taking some amazing photos hon!

J.G. said...

This sounds like it will feed your art soul for a long time. What a wonderful experience to have in Paris.

oreneta said...

It was wonderful and mostly Nomad's doing, which is extra great.